And the western/central European coffee continues to rock it, with a damn fine Costa Rican geisha from a Danish roaster called La Cabra.

While many of the best coffeehouses seem to be tucked away on smaller streets, Jonas Reindl, sits on a major thoroughfare, right across from a large park. Do not judge by the touristy nature of the area, because this place specialises in artisinal coffee, carrying a number of roasters and employing a wariety of brewing methods, including both the ubiquitous V60 but also the Kalita Wave.

Ironically, though half a world away, the actually had a sample of Blue Bottle to offer me, but of course I went with the Danish roaster, since I can get always get Blue Bottle when I return to the states.

Electrical outlets, wi-fi, and a great view for people-watching makes this a good hangout, as well as a place to get excellent coffee.
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