After Green World and Gorilla in the Cafe left me with the impression that Hawaiian coffee was just going to be too medium or dark-roasted for me, and Morning Glass disappointed me by closing at 4 PM (so we couldn't go), I had given up on finding good coffee in Honolulu.

So imagine my surprise when some last-minute early-morning wandering around town, before heading to the airport, led us past The Curb Kaimuki, with a sign out on the sidewalk adwertising pour over coffee.

As soon as I walked into the tiny space and saw a bag of Olympia Coffee Roasters, I knew I might have found the spot. Because Lisa was with me, and tired, we got two coffees, the Burundi from Olympia and the Kona from a local roaster, Rusty's. My previous experiences with Kona had been meh, so it was ironic that I enjoyed this Kona much more than the Burundi.

The barista (owner?) Reyna was super-frendly and chatty about the coffee, and I look forward to coming back (although it might be more than five years before there are enough new Starbucks to warrant a return to Hawaii).
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