I first encountered Square One's coffee a few years ago, waaaaaay out in Redlands, CA, of all places, because they had sent a sample out to a cafe called Augie's.

Every since then, I've wanted to find the time to detour to Lancaster, PA, where the roaster is best. Well, so far I've only driven through Lancaster at night, when the roaster was closed, BUT last Saturday I learned, thanks to a barista a Greenstreet, that Square One now has two locations in Philadelphia.

This one was right around the corner, and I was able to pop in for an excellent Beehouse-brewed cup of Ecuador Finca Maputo. Beehouse is not the only method, BTW--they also offer Chemex, and maybe V60, and one of their baristas actually selects the best brewing method for each of the days offerings.

Although the parking, in Center City, is tough, this cafe is large, with plenty of space, outlets, and wifi.
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