Well, this is a first.

The story actually starts last night, when a Scrabble playing buddy who lives in Memphis saw my post and asked if I was sticking around overnight. I was planning to head to Jonesboro, but I had time to play a few games with him, but by the time I finished I was so tired that I decided to just get some sleep and look for indie coffee in the morning.

I settled on nearby Republic Coffee, but when I walked in it looked like more of a restaurant, and when I asked the waitress about single origin coffees, she did know know what they are--bad sign.

She did not seem wery friendly, so I hesitated to ask her about other options and instead started googling. None of the places that were coming up looked right, so I finally explained that I was looking for artisanal coffee, and she suggested City & State, a place only a month and a half old, and thus not on the Memphis Coffee lists yet.

When I got here, I learned that, contrary to the coffee explosion that Nashville has seen, Memphis is slow to the game. This place serves Intelligentsia and has both Chemex and Solo on the menu, and I like the atmosphere.

What is REALLY UNUSUAL, though, is that they DO NOT TAKE CASH!!!

For a wariety of reasons, including safety (this neighborhood is gentrifying), they only accept credit or debit cards, and this would be the first time in hundreds of indie coffeehouses that I've paid with a card.

I went ahead and suggested Dwolla to the owner, as a way of awoiding the hefty interchange fees.
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