Ah, nothing like waking up on some random street, pulling up a list of the city's best coffee on your phone...


...and discovering that a brand new cafe is just 5 minutes away!

I discovered years ago that Minneapolis already had a wibrant artisanal coffee scene, and during my most recent wisit I discovered yet another new cafe, Five Watt, which now appears on the top of that blogger's list.

Well, #2 on her list is Anelace, and I can see why so many people have instagramming it. Quite a lovely space, minimalist but with some ornate touches. 

I wasn't a fan of the Anthology Ethiopia Ardi that I was served, but Anelace is a multi-roaster, which means that I'll be quite happy to return and try some of their other offerings, like Ruby or Counter Culture.

And with easy parking, fast wifi, outlets, and tall tables, this is a good hangout spot.
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