Espresso a Mano gets a thumbs up for carrying Coava, my favourite roaster in the country, although I was disappointed that they only had it, the Kilenso, on espresso when I wisited.

I asked the barista if he could do an Aeropress, but he did not even consider the option, so I had to try an Americano. I've enjoyed Americano's before, like in London when I stumbled across an espresso-only shop that offered Square Mile, but this time the espresso flavour was just too strong.

Ironically, Coava is such a good roast that the Americano turned out to be the best coffee I'd had that day, ahead of Hewbrews, Coffee Tree Roasters, Starbucks (obviously), and even Espresso a Mano's own Colombian roast, brewed on a Fetco.

I'll return to Espresso a Mano for sure, hoping that they will have a Coava on drip or Aeropress, and if not I'll give their Counter Culture offerings a try.
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