During my last trip to Amsterdam, in 2012, my googling yielded just one third wave coffee house offering filter coffee, Screaming Beans, and I was told by more than one person that The Netherlands was espresso-heavy.

Flash forward three years, and while at a cafe in Paris I ran into two young womyn from Amsterdam who seemed to know the coffee scene, and they told me that filter coffee had exploded in Amsterdam in the last few years, and they gave me four names, including this one, White Label Coffee.

This was a good choice for my first stop, because their V60-brewed Colombia Guacacayo immediately goes on my top 5 list of coffees I've had during this trip.

A couple of other notes--this is one of just two cafes, out of about 300 that I've seen, that does not accept cash (actually, they do, but it is strongly discouraged), because the neighborhood has a rough element.

Also, notice the unusual design, with the bar being up a long stair case, with a table straddling two stairs such that the womon you see in the picture is sitting on the ground, rather than a chair. I myself am set up on some coffee bags, because this is where the outlet is.

Also, the owner likes records and displays some vinyl on the wall, including 'Wu-Tang Forever'.
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