You can never really predict which small towns are going to have decent coffee.

This morning we woke up in Clarksville, and googling yielded a cafe call Get Some. I took a chance and headed over there without asking any questions, and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot and saw their green sign and umbrellas, I suspected they were a Starbucks wannabe.

No single origin, no pour over, and baristas that look confused when I asked about the coffee, so I decided to pass and just went over to the new Starbucks that I needed to check off my list.

Then we took a more scenic (and longer) route back to Knoxville, through Bowling Green, KY, and found this place, Spencer's, which serves that excellent Sunergos coffee that I discovered in Louisville last Sunday.

They do offer a Chemex, but it's unfortunately 32 oz, so I went for the V60 instead.
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