It gets worse.

As I drove back to Sump, I was of course considering a slew of possibilities to explain why I had not been able to get through, or why they had not called back. For example, the phone wasn't working, or there was no actual phone in the store, or the baristas simply had something to deal with. And of course I considered the possibility that the lady from the bistro had not bothered to deliver my message.

Keeping all that in mind, when I walked in I was very polite when I asked if they didn't answer there phones. When the bearded owner said "I don't answer the phone", all I said was "well, that's disappointing,", and he just went off onto how it wasn't his responsibility that I'd left my battery (agreed) and how I was giving him attitude. His reaction was completely disproportionate to what I would expect from a well-adjusted business owner receiving customer feedback, and it completely ruined my experience.

It's too bad, because the coffee was good, and now I'll never go back. I may seek out their roast elsewhere, but they've lost my business.
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