While I could have rushed back to the station after wisiting the two new Warsaw Starbucks yesterday, it made sense spend a little more time here, to hang out with my friend Artur, watch 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation', and then check out a few new indie coffeehouses in the morning, starting with Emesen, which is uniquely situated in the building where the Museum of Modern Art sits.

I found them on this Sprudge blog...


...and just like the photo, they do indeed carry The Barn, from Berlin.

HOWEVER, the barista sold me on an alternative, a Swedish roaster called da Matteo. I had a Kenyan roast prepared on a Woodneck (a brewer I've barely seen during my overseas travels), and while the brew did not knock my socks if, it was solid. I look forward to trying more da Matteo, as well as returning to Emesen to experience their other brew methods, Chemex and AeroPress.
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