As I ran through a dozen or so independent coffeehouses in Asia but failed to discover any coffees that really grabbed me, I began to wonder where I'd find the types of roasts that I enjoy so much in America.

The tastes started to get better across half a dozen cafes in Paris, but it wasn't until I hit Switzerland, Germany, and now Austria that I experience knock-my-socks-off coffee.

Yesterday at Man Versus Machine was the best of my trip, but the cup of a Colombian bean, roasted by Green Plantation (of out Bratislava) that I just had at Kaffeemik in Wien, was wonderfully delicious, possibly my second favourite of this tour.

The space has electrical outlets and wi-fi, but is rather small and maybe not the best place to hang out. On the other hand, the coffee culture here in Wien is such that patrons often stay for hours on a single cup of coffee.

Additionally, the barista, Ross, was super-friendly and gave me plenty of coffee tips for the area and other nearby cities.
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