Through sheer coincidence the young man who sold me my SXSW badge happened to work as a barista, and when I mentioned I'd been hunting down indie coffeehouses around the country, he told me that Handsome's cofounder was in town, at a pop-up inside a shoe store named Helm, and serving free coffee to boot.

When I visited on Wednesday evening, they had officially shut down, but Tyler Wells...

...said I looked like a really enthusiast, not just an opportunist, and he went ahead and made me a beverage that he would not exactly call a cappuccino.

Which was fine, trying something different. More than anything I got a kick out of adding a ephemeral shop to my list. I'd heard that Blue Bottle and at least one other roaster were in town, and I was surprised, because I had not guessed that a bunch coffee roasters would come down for SXSW.
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