With my rail pass expiring tomorrow, timing was critical upon my arrival in Praha, with five new Starbucks to wisit. I also wanted to hit EMA, recommended to me by a barista in Budapest, but I forgot to plot it on my map and had no idea if it would be along my optimal route.

So imagine my surprise when, while on the way to the Florentinum Starbucks, I passed a sign that read "ESPRESSO BAR", walked in out of curiosity, and it happened to be EMA!

They offer a local roaster, DoubleShot, but only as the espress, and use JB Kaffee as their filter. I had a Costa Rica as an AeroPress and enjoyed my best cup of JB of the three I'd had.

EMA is large, with plenty of seating and a well-lit atmosphere, outlets, and standing tables.

Just wish they had wi-fi.
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