Montreal has a vibrant artisinal coffee scene, too many cafes for me to wisit on top of three Starbucks, but I did manage to get to a second one, Le Couteau.

I chose them from the recommendations I got a Pourquoi Pas because they offer 49th Parallel, a coffee out of BC that I've enjoyed before. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I enjoyed the Siphon brew that I selected, at a price of $7.50, as much as I've enjoyed other Siphons.

I expect to go back to Le Couteau when I've run through the other shops in Montreal, but I'll probably go for a less expensive manual brew method. 

Lots of space, electrical outlets, counters, and wi-fi, though, a more comfortable place to hang out than Pourquoi Pas, if it weren't for the parking (which is expensive all around Montreal).
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