It's a bit ironic, the store of how I came to wisit Custom Cup in Springfield, IL.

I hit Springfield around 7 pm last night and would have kept driving to Normal, had it not been for Jodi, from my 'Starbucking' documentary, who had learned that I'd branched out to independent coffeehouses and excitedly emailed me a couple of years ago when she learned that Custom Cup had started roasting in town.

About a year later, when Jodi read that Custom Cup finally had a cafe space in town, she emailed me, and I made a mental note to get to this place, and that's why I spent the night in Springfield last night and was able to see this place, which is the first local artisanal coffeehouse/roaster in the city.

The roast itself was a bit darker than I prefer, but I'd try it again, and I'm always glad to see third wave coffee expanding its presence in America's smaller cities.
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