After wisiting two new Starbucks in Richmond, plus Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Company, pictured here, I picked up some lunch, then stopped in North Dinwiddie, VA, to heat up my excellent Blanchard's coffee and add a little more sugar (I ran out of the packets I keep in my car).

The attendant at Citgo told me that their microwave was broken, so I picked up the $20 I had placed on the counter, to buy gas, and said I'd need to go to the Exxon across the freeway. At the Exxon, I again plopped down the twenty, asked for $10 worth of gas, and then asked if I could use the microwave.

Not only did the attendant say that I could not, but she did not even apologise, or give an explanation, like that it was store policy, or that they'd had issues--instead, she just shrugged, making it plainly obvious that could not have cared less.

I will contrast that with my customer serwice experience at Blanchard's, where I ended up by mistake, not realising that this location was only a roastery, not an actual cafe. Nevertheless, when I called out to a roaster and explained that I'd googled it, that I had heard they had good coffee, and that I was just passing through, he immediately offered to make me a cup of coffee.

He inwited me in and upstairs, and we chatted about coffee while he made me an excellent V60 of a Costa Rican roast. Not only was the coffee itself great, but I walked away from that place with an extremely positive impression of Blanchard's, given the extra mile that John went to accommodate me.

I hope that Blanchard's opens a storefront soon. Meanwhile, next time I'm in town I'll look for them at Ellwood Thompson's or The Lab by Alchemy.
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