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We did not know this could shutdown a channel! It is important everyone knows that a linked website may be the cause of your channel getting closed, and the solution is to unlink the website and click the "request a re-review" link. Hope this helps you :-)
YouTube shutdown our Geek and Beat channels, and we recovered both using a new technique: unlinking our associated website from the Google+ page linked to each channel that was closed. Is the explanation by George helpful to you? Tell us #FreedomFamily  and #NeverGiveUp !

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Heartbeat Chrome is our Dating for YouTubers starting with YouTube comments :-) Do you like it? Tell me #FreedomFamily  and #NeverGiveUp !

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Did you know ★ Fullscreen sold! - AT&T buys Fullscreen - Confirmed the "other" George sold his company ► How do you feel about the sale of Fullscreen? Tell me #FreedomFamily  and #NeverGiveUp !
★ MGN 2k launched - The new Machinima! ► Do you like MGN? Tell us #FreedomFamily :-)

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What benefits do you expect from MG__ eSport, our new eSport-only brand? ► Tell me #FreedomFamily  :-)
★ Dedicated eSport-only brand launches! ➜ - Are you excited #FreedomFamily? Tell us :-)

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Congrats +1SB2 Gamer for winning today's $100,000 sponsorship for small channels. You help so many people on the Freedom! forums, and you were the MOTW - member of the week - so you certainly deserve it. Big #FreedomFamily  hugs :-)
Optical illusions can trick you. Our new gaming brand is not an optical illusion! ► Did you win today's Day 29 $100,000 sponsorship? - Tell us #FreedomFamily

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The 10 teasers lead to this! Did you miss any? See for 10 benefits of this new gaming brand, launching in 7 days ► Are you ready #FreedomFamily ?
New gaming brand, no more teasers, launches in 7 days! ► Are you excited? Tell us #FreedomFamily!

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Meet my daughters at 13:56 in this Happy Birthday, George that I had no idea was coming ► You rock #FreedomFamily , you all rock :-) 
★ George - founder of Freedom! - is 39 years young today :-)

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Do you like today's Day 23 winner +OTTFIFA - Playing Fifa & Growing GFX Designer? ► Tell us #FreedomFamily !
See our new Freedom! office for developers. Will you join our dev ops team? ►

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FiXT Music is coming to you at 1:29 in this video! ► Do you know Blue Stahli or Celldweller in FiXT? Tell me #FreedomFamily
FiXT Music - part 1 of 95% explained ► And a new Day 21 winner. Was it you? Tell us #FreedomFamily!

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At 4:23 you became a father! I know how that feels, my friend, being a father myself :-) Why not show your child to us in future videos +Daniel KEEMSTAR?
Keemstar ► The true story. Did you enjoy it? Tell us honestly #FreedomFamily!
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