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#Excerpt from PEGASUS by Marilyn Holdsworth @M_Holdsworth #WomensFic #Contemporary #AmReading
Pegasus by Marilyn Holdsworth  SATURDAY WAS A WARM, sunny day, just as Win had predicted,
and the drive out of Los Angeles was a welcome change from the heavy
work schedule Hannah had been demanding of herself for the last few
days. Sitting next to Win, ...

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#Geronimo ... (and the ones with religion) - LUCIFER & THE INDIGO KIDS by @Lord_Ra_Krishna #Poetry
Geronimo... (and the ones with religion) Dear Geronimo... My Great, Great grand Father They took you from us And our people were slaughtered... They didn't break your spirit You passed it unto me And I will spark the movement As soon as I get free... They h...

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Me versus God from LUCIFER & THE INDIGO KIDS by @Lord_Ra_Krishna #NonFiction #AmReading
Me vs. God… Dread Locs on my head Like snakes on Medusa Get to close and you turn into stone If I were a girl Then I would be Medusa Tell Jay-Z and Kanye Get the f#ck out of my throne It's the clash of the Titans It's me vs. God They're just mad Because I s...

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@JohnEWadeII Introduces the #Inspirational #Authors from "Glimpses of Heaven on Earth" #AmReading
For those looking for some inspiration during these troubling times, look no further than   Glimpses of Heaven on Earth .
The four co-authors and I have scoured the globe for eloquent
quotations about issues regarding such diverse topics as peace to gende...

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"Minneapolis Court House" - HUSH #Excerpt by Kimberly Shursen @KimberlyShursen #Thriller #Legal
Minneapolis Court House September 3, 9:00 a.m. Ben ran a hand down the lapel of his suit jacket. “I call Paige Werner to the stand.” Putting
a child on the witness stand to testify was the worst part of Ben’s
job. But if a child was over the age of ten, a...

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Mike Hartner on Characters Waiting to Be Heard @MHartnerAuthor #AmWriting #HistFic #Goodreads
Inside the Mind of An Author In the Darkness
brought on by a closed room and narrow stairs, I slowly ascend to the
top and push the attic floorboard to the side. This stairwell,
conveniently hidden in a second floor wall, has been very dusty and full

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Craig Staufenberg on Connecting Your Book Cover, Theme & Story @YouMakeArtDumb #AmWriting #MG
Why Book Covers are So Important There’s
marketing, of course, but I don’t want to get too hung up in that. For
me, my book cover was so important because it gave me a way to like my
book again. In
general, I like what I write because I write things tha...

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Kirsten Mortensen on Writing Fiction is a Controlled Waking Dream @KirstenWriter #Authors #AmWriting
Writing and Dreams. Not That Different By Kirsten Mortensen I
love to dream. And not just because it’s so night to get a good night’s
sleep. I love to dream because I’m utterly fascinated by the experience
of finding myself in a strange world—often occup...

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Received a Bad Review? Amy Lewis Offers Tips on Surviving It @AmyLewisAuthor #SelfPub #AmWriting
The newbies guide to surviving bad reviews It
was already a bad day when I read her review, only half paying
attention to the words, because it was 6 am, and I had not slept well. I
got a full three sentences in before I realized, "Wow, this lady really

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Roland Hughes on Downloading #eBooks for #Free and Discoverability - #AmWriting #SelfPub
what you have heard, that question is foremost in the mind of every
writer who hasn’t become fabulously wealthy.  I have heard many deny it,
yet they go out and promote their books.  You will hear many claim they
“need to write and don’t care if...
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