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This is the kind of issue that makes cars like the Tesla less attractive. One of the selling points for an all electric in the mainstream is the overall cost saving in ownership. But, there are significant costs to cars with reliability problems, beyond just the cost of the actual repair visit. 

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This is worth looking at. I'd be willing to bet tht Verizon, at least, has something similar.
Worried about what your kids are doing on their phones and when they're using them (like in school or late at night?). Turns out AT&T has a really cool feature called Smart Limits that you need to know about...

recorded live from my hotel room in Las Vegas, too!

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Interesting piece, and encouraging to see that we are making progress in this area.

I had another thought. Many people get really upset when they see entrepreneurs and other business people "wasting" resources on figuring out what seem to be rather inane problems. And, while I'll never really consider someone who finds the bet way to deliver as many pizzas as possible a hero, I think maybe we shouldn't get so worked up about it. After all, these folks would probably never have put in that kind of sustained effort to the kinds of research in this article. BUT. Because the work they do can be used in other contexts, in a sense this work is bringing in additional resources to the problem.

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It's  bit scary. but the potential here is huge. And, not just for mental health. There are similar types of efforts for other diseases.

It's not just that this could be effective, and cost effective, but that these things are likely to be used. Think, for instance, of the people who don't want to get a hearing aid because they are too noticeable. With a cell phone, the monitor just blends right in - smart phones are becoming ubiquitous in the west, and and even becoming common in the "developing" world. 

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Some features don't work with all phones, but what does work, works well.

SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat/Line/Kakao, or use any other Android apps on Win/Mac with #AirDroid3:

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Comcast gives politicians V.I.P. customer service so they never find out how abusive they are to the rest of us

In an article about how former Meet the Press anchor David Gregory lost his job, The Washingtonian did some reporting about how Comcast bribes politicians and other political actors -- even Al Sharpton. As part of the piece they mentioned that Comcast has special, high-priority customer service for employees, which they extend to politicians, journalists and anyone else in a position to affect their take-over of Internet access in the United States. 

From the article: 

"Comcast also had an even more personal way of sucking up to Washington. Its government-affairs team carried around “We’ll make it right” cards stamped with “priority assistance” codes for fast-tracking help and handed them out to congressional staffers, journalists, and other influential Washingtonians who complained about their service."


(Pic props: )

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I love this! 

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In case anyone wants to know why women have a hard time reporting assault, here is a perfect example.

The one line summary: A woman describes how a coworker grabbed her and tried to kiss her and then argued with her when she pushed him away and told him no, and in response a commenter wants to know how much they had to drink because if he drank we should cut him some slack, but if she drank we should question her judgement and possibly her behavior.

The short version:

She was in a bar with a group of co-worker / friends when one guy grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She pushed back and said no, and he tried to pressure her. She reminded him that he has a wife and kid and he said that he's having marriage problems and she told him to leave her out of it.  He then complained to her that their work relationship had gotten chilly, and later on lied to his wife and told his wife that she had kissed him.

She writes back with a follow up that she's been keeping her distance, and in the run up to this year's company sponsored holiday vacation trip, she told him that she expects him to behave himself. what he had to say in that conversation somewhat worried her so she finally told her manager what was going on.

In this branch of the comments we have someone who questions how much alcohol they had had to drink. If he's been drinking, then we should cut him some slack. If she's been drinking we should question her judgement and possibly even her behavior.

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