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One of the many reasons I love my job...
One of the many reasons I love my job is the health
benefits I receive. Not only is there coverage for doctor and hospital care and
prescriptions, but preventative measures are in place to lessen, and even
eliminate, the need for such coverage. Preventative...

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One thing that stood in stark contrast to Rome was
that the kingdom of Jesus seemed to think self-giving love could conquer
enemies, while Rome thought, killing that enemy will do the trick. It’s hard to read the New Testament and not think
America looks a ...

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Ain't God Good?!
God has been moving very specifically on my very specific prayer requests. I prayed that the company I applied to, interviewed with, and was then denied the position, would override their policy of not hiring a turn down for at least six months; they did. I...

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Gray Elephant: Alcohol
Some of you grew up in families where Christians don’t drink.
Some of you grew up in families where Christians do drink. And your background
will largely influence how you hear what I’m about to say. Some of you are
shocked that I’m even talking about the i...

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It's time to remove the distractions that have become obstacles. Since graduation I have been completing and submitting job applications on a daily basis. I've interviewed a few times. Still, I have no job. My health and fitness journey has been moving almo...

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Knowing the Gospel Brings Joy
I wrote this book for one simple reason: most people haven't heard the gospel. How do I know? Because most are unsure of who God is and what He thinks of them. Or perhaps they have heard the good news but they don't believe it; it doesn't fit in their grid....

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Pale Galilean (continued)
There must be compensations in the worship of such a god, and they are usually these. 1.  The belief that the joy and freedom of those who do not  subscribe to the worship of the negative god is just an illusion. Negative god worshippers often sustain thems...

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Pale Galilean
If they were completely honest, many people would have to admit that God is to them an almost entirely negative force in their lives. It is not merely that He provides that "gentle voice we hear...which checks each fault," but that His whole Nature seems to...

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Ralph and Elaine...At the Fair.
After walking through the livestock and horse barn, Courtney
and Emily rode 3-4 of the rides. We then watched the seals and moved on to the
Craft Building. I was feeling quite nauseous and was experiencing some pain, so
we headed to a food wagon with picnic...

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There are doubtless many reasons for the
degeneration of Christianity into churchiness, and the narrowing of the Gospel
for all mankind into a set of approved beliefs; but the chief cause must be the
worship of an inadequate god, a cramped and regulated god...
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