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smart Chord & Tools (scales, tuner, metronome and more not just for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele,...)
smart Chord & Tools (scales, tuner, metronome and more not just for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele,...)

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Fabian Zirkler war so nett, den Quintenzirkel zu erklären. Bitte schaut selbst:

smartChord V5.2

⭐ Set lists to organize your songs and lyrics for performance or practice
✔ meaningful extension of the songbook
✔ all the features of the songbook are available
✔ Switch the songs by swipe gesture
✔ Auto play mode
✔ Fullscreen mode
✅ Search & replace when editing song texts (see menu)
✅ Line break conversion in songs for some internet song catalogues
✅ Comfortable solution to report problems with internet song search
✅ In 'dark background mode' songs now are also printed with white background
✅ Fix: Import of smartChord song files (.sccrd) with correct encoding
✅ Minor fixes and improvements

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There is a video introduction for the smartChord Songbook:

smartChord V5.1.1

✅ OutOfMemory error in Songbook
✅ Fix: Opens the last screen again on startup (if option is activated)
✅ Minor fixes

smartChord V5.1

⭐ Export your songs to 'smartChord/song' directory

⭐ Open the Playground with the chords of the song to practice it or explore their sounds

⭐ Synchronized start/stop for scrolling and audio player

⭐ Count in for scrolling and audio player

⭐ A very special word of thanks goes to Michael Halimi. He does a superb job, updating the French translation

✅ Limit song search and import to 'smartChord/song' directory

✅ 'Select all' button in song import

✅ Multi select in 'Store' screens to delete or export files in bulk (e.g. songs)

✅ Songbook with improved full screen mode

✅ Chord page '' added

✅ Change in behaviour when saving an item again: It will overwrite without question

✅ Important fixes for the Songbook

✅ A lot of minor improvements

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The brand new songbook is now released!!!

It is probably the best songbook app in the store. It can find songs in the greatest internet song catalogues extremely easy and fast and without registration or account. Choose between every instrument and tuning. It knows every chord and fingering you need!

⭐ Get millions of songs from the greatest internet song catalogues like ultimate-guitar, azchords, chordie, e-chords, guitaretab, …

⭐ No need for sign in or an account

⭐ Supports tabs, chords, plain texts and the popular ChordPro format

⭐ Store every song you want and use it offline without internet connection

⭐ Open or import already existing song files on your smartphone: cho, crd, chopro, chordpro, tab, text

⭐ Use the songs as they are or transpose the songs
▫ between a lot of different instruments like guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, mandolin, …
▫ between every possible tuning! More than 400 are predefined
▫ any desired steps up or down (change the key of songs)

⭐ Seamlessly integrated into smartChord. The Swiss Army Knife for musicians!

⭐ Get the chord diagrams with all possible variations and fingerings, ... from the best and hugest chord dictionary: smartChord!

⭐ The songbook prefers your favorite fingerings!

⭐ Change the fingerings to suit your own taste

⭐ Edit and adjust every song according to your own ideas or create a new one

⭐ Intelligent line break option saves you horizontal scrolling. It formats the song to max. number of characters and breaks belonging lines as a block (TABs or chord and lyrics) (Android >= 4.4 Kitkat)

⭐ Autoscroll with individual speed for each song

⭐ Integrated audio player:
▫ Add audio files from your device to a song
▫ The intelligent search makes this very comfortable
▫ Jam with your songs in the songbook
▫ Audio player supports A-B loop to repeat only a part of a song

⭐ Generate a chord progression from the chords of a song and practice it in the chord progression player

⭐ Continuous zoom and fast text scaling

⭐ View just what you need: Optionally hide chords, tabs, comments or lyrics

⭐ Fullscreen mode

⭐ Benefit from the left-handed support

⭐ Find YouTube videos for your songs

⭐ Use the 'Dark' mode for your live performance or to reduce battery consumption

⭐ Get quick access to your latest songs by the history

⭐ Print your songs or create PDF files (Android >= 4.4 Kitkat)

⭐ Share your songs with your friends

⭐ Benefit from the support for large and small screens, landscape and portrait mode

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smartChord V4.10

⭐ Translation of the whole app is complete for all supported languages:
▫ Espanol
▫ French
▫ Italian
▫ Portuguese
▫ Russian

Translated by:
▫ Fernando Zamora
▫ Michael Halimi
▫ Fabio Sticca
▫ Rogênio Lima Belém
▫ Ekaterina Ageeva (Екатерина Агеева)
1000 thanks and applause for their high level of commitment and dedication!!!

✔ Define instrument favorites and choose between them from menu in: chord, tuner, arpeggio and scale screens (just PLUS)
✔ Transpose chord progressions to other instrument and tuning
✔ Automatically adopt fingerings when adding chords to chord progressions with different tuning
✔ Metronome: Number of loop and the speed is permanently visible when speed trainer is active
✔ Fix for the case, the error dialog could not be shown
✅ Unified: Tap on guitar head to change tuning
✅ Shorter intervals between the tones in the chords possible (in general sound settings and chord progressions)
✅ A lot of minor changes and fixes

smartChord V4.9.1

✔ New context menu for chord diagrams in "Gallery" and "Grid" views to maintain favorite fingerings and add the fingerings to other screens
▫ "Choose chord" screen
▫ "Chord detail" screen
▫ "Chord overview" screen
▫ "Chord progression" screen

✔ There is a new general option "Show error dialog". If you have problems with smartChord, enable this setting. You'll get a dialog, each time smartChord detects an error. From this dialog, you can send us essential information to fix the problem.

✔ Sounds generation fixed for older Android versions

✔ Sounds generation stabilized for low memory environment

✔ Fixed placement of notes in scales for flat notes

✔ Timer fixed

✅ Add chord to favorites from "Chord name" feature via context menu

✅ Minor changes and fixes

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 smartChord is now also translated into French!!!

In this context we are very, very much obliged to the persons who did truly great work (Dans ce contexte, nous sommes très, très obligés pour les personnes qui ont fait vraiment grand travail)

Translation was done by
* Michael Halimi*
Guillaume Vaslin
Frédéric Le Bouëtté

smartChord V4.9

⭐ smartChord is now also translated into French!!!

In this context we are very, very much obliged to the persons who did truly great work (Dans ce contexte, nous sommes très, très obligés pour les personnes qui ont fait vraiment grand travail)

Translation was done by
Michael Halimi
Guillaume Vaslin
Frédéric Le Bouëtté

⭐ The Spanish translation of smartChord has been thoroughly revised by Fernando Zamora

Applause for their excellent work (Applaudissements pour leur excellent travail)!!!

✅ Chord name supports also naming Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si
✅ Chord types added mΔ, mØ, m5-/7, 5+/7+, 5+/maj7. Please let us know, if you miss some chord!
✅ Chord type changed from ▲ to Δ and composition like maj7
✅ Color scheme fix for chords
✅ Minor changes and fixes
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