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What would be the best day to schedule a European Union emergency summit on dealing with predominantly Muslim refugees?

You guessed it - Yom Kippur.

Two full days of the city being closed. Driving ban. Parking ban. And yet the best the city can do is gently push the snow aside, leaving it on the road. We wouldn't want to hurt its feelings by actually plowing, would we?

Major roadways are reduced by 2-3 lanes. An ambulance couldn't get through for several minutes on Boylston this morning because we (poor unfortunate souls trying to drive through downtown) were so tightly packed in our snowy grave there was nowhere to move the car.

“I am confident that our roads are safe and drivable" (Mayor Walsh, yesterday). Yeah, right.

#blizzardof2015 #boston

That's right. Move the fireworks/ festivities to a WORK day and close major roadways out of the city.  

Wicked smaaaht, Boston.  You  never learn.

What's the easiest way to make my Picasaweb album viewable/scrollable OFFLINE in my Android tablet's (Transformer Prime TF201) gallery?

I tried exporting the album to both Dropbox and Google Drive, but I can't figure out where to go from there. I suppose I can select photos individually for downloading, then move them to another folder in File Manager. Isn't there a more efficient way?


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Where could I buy this? Or something similar? This one is custom-made.

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As I was driving home, NPR news produced a clip of Zuckerberg speaking at Harvard today. I had no idea what the guy's voice sounded like (or that he had a voice, for that matter). For a moment there, I thought I was listening to Bill Gates. Maybe, the voice isn't exactly the same, but the whole I'm-so-uncomfortable-to-be-speaking-in-public guttural reverberation was spot on. Wow!

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