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No fruits on that tree!
Perhaps solving our Education problem shouldn't be in limiting the amount of resources our youth has a chance to grab onto, but rather more. No ones neurons develops alike, for example I have a condition where I see music by way of colors. Why? Because some of my Neurons that are committed to Eye sight ended up in the Auditory Cortex. Mathematics for example, some people can process equations easier than others because they simply have more Neural activity in the Inferior Temporal Gyrus. We have specific areas of the mind that are dedicated to processing Math, Language, Kinesthetic ability, and the list goes on and on... Our Education system should allow our youth to find what it is that they excel at rather than constantly punishing them for what they don't excel at. We need more programs, rather than less... We need positive reinforcement in our school systems, not a barrage of negativity that makes them feel inferior in intellect than their peers, and that has to change.

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It is possible to be a determinist without being a fatalist. All you have to do is assume there are multiple reasons at the end of the causal chains of events. If every physical event has its reason, then you may go to an infinite regress, you will need to stop at some point. At this point there could be one reason or many. If you have many reasons that are not connected then in the actual state of the physical world you can have events, that are determined by prior events but are random, and undetermined in relation to one another. This kind of indeterminism is explored by William James in his article "The Dilemma of Determinism". 
An even better path would be to give up the linear model of a causal chain and to think in terms of network of conditions.  There is never a single cause to an effect. In a system where everything is connected circular effects are also possible, and free will may act by changing the state of a system with circular causation. Free will does not determine, it guides the action while the cause for it is a physical event.
So I wrote this a while back, but I find it again a pinch vexatious. Do you think that determinism implies fatalism? 
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