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Man lost in space
Man lost in space

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Revisionist Licensing
Malcom Gladwell's new podcast is called Revisionist History ( feed ) and this title instilled in me a slightly different expectation than what I got in the first episode. I was expecting either a revision of any widely accepted narrative, or a study of any ...

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History of Oil - resurrected from podfade
We have gone through this history in quite a number of podcasts: Sarajevo 1914, Pearl Harbor 1941 and even the fall of Mossadegh 1953, haven't we? How is it that I was glued to my iPod with these narratives all over again? I was listening to A History of Oi...

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The History of Islam podcast
The most essential history podcast right now must be The History of Islam podcast ( feed ) by Elias Belhaddad. Current affairs have a very palpable presence of Islam and much of the history since the rise of Islam (and it rose at lightning speed) has a stro...

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The History of Denmark podcast
Søren Krarup is an 18 year old Danish high school student who is about to take his final exams and as a result there will be a one month hiatus in his podcast The history of Denmark ( feed ). No need to apologize, Søren ; what is a month? I have som many ot...

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Anne Frid de Vries commented on a post on Blogger.
That is billiant Baxter. Thank you!

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The alleged racism of Albert Camus
Albert Camus became my idol, when at the age of 16-17 I read The Stranger for the first time (L’Étranger - I read it in French and in Dutch). On one of the recent issues of Entitled Opinions ( feed ) host Robert Harrison discussed this novel with Alice Kapl...

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Indus Valley Civilization - the missing link
As I already wrote in my post about Ancient History podcasts , I am always on the lookout for new podcast episodes that deal with the Indus Valley Civilization. Little is known about this civ and nothing beats a good mystery, but there is more than just thi...

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Anne is a Man - resuming the blog
Between the heydays of this blog, 2009, 2010, and today, podcast has taken on a flight, history podcast in particular. There was a dip in the middle though. When I gradually lost interest in reviewing podcasts, the best amateur podcasts were fading and arou...

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NBN - Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
The New Books Network (NBN) is an umbrella for the numerous " New Books in ... "-podcasts, among which I have been following New Books in History ( feed ) for ever and I always pick and choose from its endless offering. The podcast review below is about an ...

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Subscribe to podcast by URL - iTunes 11
In the old trove of blog post drafts I found this post from 2013. I do not know why I never published it. Since it is still relevant, here we go. With a three year delay: For a moment I thought the possibility to directly subscribe to a podcast had vanished...
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