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Sten Düring
Göteborgare som älskar öl, böcker, spel och promenader.
Göteborgare som älskar öl, böcker, spel och promenader.


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Gym raiding, berries revisited
With the amount of golden berries radically lowered we need to rethink how we use them for gym defence, if at all. High traffic areas indoors are out of the question. Just give the gym up. High traffic areas outdoors where people wait for short times, eg ce...

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Gym raiding, what the boss reward change means
As most of you have noticed boss raids now yield a different set of item rewards. less revives less golden razz less rare candy more potions (up from zero) For the agressor this is mostly good news. It's easier to keep up the pressure attacking into gyms, a...

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Boss raiding, how rewards are distributed
The people at Siplh Road has run some statistics on boss raid rewards, and they did come to some faily interesting conclusions . Basically you get more items for getting more premium balls. So stick to gyms your own colour, group up with trainers your own c...

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Current updates, new rewards for defeating raid bosses
Apart from rare candies, golden razz berries and the two TMs we got an insane amount of revives. Now potions have been added to the list, which effectively means you can top out the line-up you used for the raid immediately. On the down side the attractive ...

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Mewtwo, planning ahead
So we're about to receive mewtwo as a new raid boss rather soon. I'll leave the definistion of 'soon' ahead. But you know all of this already, including the part about an invitational raid pass only. So let's have a look at the line-up against mewtwo. Psych...

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Current updates, shiny pikachu for collectors
According to this article in GO Hub shiny pikachu are now available word wide. Go catch.

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Current updates, legendary birds
All four legandary birds are possible raid bosses right now. So this is your chance to catch a better one than the one you have, or if you happened to miss out entirely on one of them.

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Gym raiding, network error
I've been running into the ultimate gym defender a number of times now. Network Error. Some verified observations: You are able to finish one battle before it occurs You're unable to finish a second battle After a few minutes it's reset so that you can fini...

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Chapter six, 2017, friends from far, segment three
After arriving at
Odaiba, a man made island in the bay with a perfectly decent beach,
Christina was whisked away to the neighbouring shopping mall with Ryu
in her tow. Ulf swore at
himself for noticing how her boyfriend did the only thing decent and
tagged ...

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High Level Pokemon Go, redefining the entry level from 30 to 32
When I started this blog I placed the entry level for playing some kind of high level Pokemon Go at level 30. That needs some changing. Now, this isn't a blog trying to keep up with trainers as they progress through levels, so the change doesn't mirror that...
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