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Offering you Natural, Healthier and Organic Foods
Offering you Natural, Healthier and Organic Foods

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Seven Principles of Organic Growth

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The state attorney general has accused several large California grocery stores, including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, of selling lead-tainted ginger and plum candies in a case that underscores how little consumers know about the food they eat.

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Arsenic being intentionally added to conventional chicken

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Hungary has criminalized the planting of genetically modified crops of any kind, and it has repeatedly burned thousands of hectares of illegal GM crops in years past.

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Women live longer than men partly because their immune systems age more slowly, a study suggests.

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Choose the correct excercise for you and your body
Did you know that performing the wrong type of exercise can actually increase stress in the body? 

Aerobic training, like jogging, increases the stress hormone cortisol and elevates oxidative stress. The body can't distinguish between this and other stress and exercising a stressed system can exhaust reserves of essential nutrients. 

If you're feeling stressed out, focus instead on resistance training to increase muscle-building hormones, which help to negate the effects of cortisol and inflammation!

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Gwyneth Paltrow gives healthy food the thumbs up
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