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Mark Oftedal

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Early sketches for Warner Animation Group's "Storks". Many many thanks to Doug Sweetland for bringing me on so early in development. I think only the first act was scripted at the time, and the storks had a more military "Top Gun" vibe: In the early treatme...

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Inktober 2015
It looks like this blog is becoming my inktober repository. These panels were drawn one a day over the course of October, 2015. 

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Inktober Bunnies
I had loads of fun drawing this short story for inktober this year. It really is pointless, possibly even offensive, yet I'm compelled to post it here for posterity. Vroom!

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A pastel drawing from my Figure 101 class with the incredibly talented teachers John English and Andy Brinkman . They liked it but I agree with Andy that it looks like she's wearing socks. 
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