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Happy New Year to everyone! I came down with a flu on New Year's Day, hoping everyone else is starting things off a little bit better.  Today I wanted to share two books I recently finished, one being Diane von Furstenburg's autobio and the other a historic...

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Ina Garten's Make Ahead Cranberry Martini
I was waiting for Ina's new cookbook, Make it Ahead , for almost a full year. I made a beeline to Barnes & Noble on release day and raced home after work to read through it. And it was kind of disappointing.  A lot of recipes were rehashes of old ones (whic...

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Hanukkah Recap
 Yesterday was our family's fourth annual Hanukkah celebration, a tradition I instituted when my husband and I got engaged. Usually, the celebration takes place on a Sunday night, but I like Sunday nights to myself and thought I'd do an elegant holiday lun...

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Fashion Friday: Capes
I've always thought capes were an incredibly elegant alternative to a coat. I received one for Christmas a few years back, and I always feel super glamorous wearing it. I'm loving this look for November weather, where it's not quite cold enough for down coa...

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20 in 6
I’m not normally a reader of the Design Darling blog, but the other day
I somehow stumbled upon Mackenzie’s 101 in 1001 list, a list of 101 things to accomplish in just under 3 years.    It got me inspired to create a list of my own, although there’s no way...

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Fall Trend: Turtlenecks
I was at my parents’ house this weekend, trying to clean out some old things,
when I stumbled upon a set of old, barely worn, thin cotton turtlenecks. I
remember buying them; they were $9 or something insane at Old Navy when I was
in college. I picked up bu...

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Pasta with Butternut Squash Sauce
I was surprised at how much I liked this pasta drenched in a butternut
squash puree. Its orangey color made me think of mac and cheese, and I figured
that I’d bite into it and just wish that it was mac and cheese, and not some healthy impostor.   But this h...

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Back with Some Recent Reads
Hi again.  I basically took a
summer vacation from blogging, but I’m back now and hope to be posting
regularly again. The reason for the hiatus was pretty exciting- we bought a house!!
Construction hasn’t actually begun on the house yet, so it’ll be quite a...

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Summer Vegetable Pasta
Whenever I'm in a farmer's market, I get a serious case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach. I want to buy everything, and I grossly overestimate how much I'll actually be cooking that week.   This past weekend was no exception. Two of my awesome girlfr...

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Life Lately
I've been majorly MIA lately, due to an overwhelmingly jam-packed June, so I figured I'd share what I've been up to before I got back into regular posts. managed a few summer nights drinking on the pier with friends // spent a weekend on the lake at my husb...
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