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Marijana Smolcec

+Jose Antonio Silva +Ayat Tawel I cannot find the link for Google Classroom, am I missing something?

I have added the wiki site link in About community, so we have them all in one place. We should add Google Classroom links as well.

Dear all!

I am a bit lost! Are we editing the content in wiki or Google classroom!? and do we have logo for this year +Jose Antonio Silva

Dear all! I have invited +Světlana Obenausová to join us as a co-moderator in this year's session. She is very experienced but was busy in previous years. She accepted so hope she will join us soon and continue the training in EVO19 mods group as well! Let's welcome Svetlana when she accepts our invitation to the group! :))

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5 Ways to Use Visuals in the Classroom

I would like to thank everyone who was able to participate in our Week 2 TweetMeets on Twitter. Of course, this doesn't mean you should stop tweeting. Whenever you want to post and share something on twitter just share #ict4elt18 hashtag and we will see all your posts in one thread. We can always reply to them! Keep up the good work! Explore Tweetdeck for Twitter as well as it will make your life much easier to follow multiple twitter thread. The tutorials are on our Week 2 wiki! :)

Dear all! I am on Twitter at the moment and hope for some of you to join me for a short TweetMeet, at 8.00 GMT #ict4elt18

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Hi all +Efrossini Zoniou is eager to learn more about using Instagram in class! So beside the one reading that we have on our Week 2 wiki I have stumbled upon another one this morning! Hope you get some ideas

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During week 2 after you explore numerous audio and video tools, we hope you will create your Twitter account and join us for Twitter chats or popular TweetMeets by the end of the week. There will be two twitter chats. One on Friday 26 Jan and on Saturday 27 Jan.

Make sure when posting anything on twitter before or during our twitter chats to add our official EVO session hashtag #ict4elt18. You can also share your audio tools, links of your productions on Twitter as well. Have fun exploring Twitter and see you there for the TweetMeets.

Follow us on Twitter (@mscro1) Marijana and (@joseantoniook) +Jose Antonio Silva
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