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So... sprints. Kate's going to convince me they're valuable, but I have trouble seeing this.

If we had students work these problems, then step back and discuss the patterns and structure for a good long time, then dive back to a second sprint, that would be pretty valuable. The sprint script doesn't do this.

The sprint script also spends more time having students say "Yes" in call-and-response answer checking than time spent doing math, has this weird exercise thing going on in the middle, and offers a reward to students who are the "best" (answered the most questions correctly within the time limit).

Many of the sprints are also not structured in any meaningful way that I could see. Others are clearly well-structured.

Ok, listenin' time :)

Ok friends, I'm looking to talk to someone at Google about our educational work (we are using Hangouts and need some enhancements).

Who can I talk to about this? YOU? 

I have a letter with the details if anyone wants me to send it to you.

Thanks everyone!

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