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Data sharing is easier said than done, as demonstrated in the (funny but a little sad!!) video below. It's a true story - I'm sure. You will laugh and you will cry.

Data represents a significant investment but you would never know it from the way that data is typically (mis)handled. Data is usually stored in such a way that the precise meaning of certain data is lost. A retrospective process of  'semantic elucidation' is often too expensive and sometimes impossible, and this is what leads to what I sometimes cynically call an endless supply of ‘disposable data’. I would argue that the 'added value' of a Semantic Web approach to data is the prevention of almost certain loss.

“Semantically disambiguate early and often.” - M. Scott Marshall

[Orig. shared by +Andre Dekker . I see that I apparently missed it when +Trish Whetzel shared this gem.]

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"What happens when we stop thinking of ourselves not just as developers or experience designers, and take up the mantle as a new generation of product designers for a digital world?"

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How Linked Data enables applications that redefine the Event Discovery experience. 

#Web30   #LinkedData   #LOD   #SemanticWeb   #Events   #SmartData   #Meshup   #Mashup  

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Dear followers,

We have submitted an entry in the App4Finland contest, where we developed an application that makes use of open data, see our submission at design-capital-helsinki/ and play with the application if you want.

We need YOU to vote, since the entry which has the highest number of votes will get the first prize. The instructions to vote, since the site is ONLY in Finnish, are:

1  Click the link below or open it in a web browser

2  Enter your e-mail address in the field labeled "Sähköpostiosoitteesi:" (do not select anything from the given select boxes)

3  Submit the vote by clicking the button "Lähetä"

4  You will receive an e-mail to that address containing a single link to be clicked to confirm your vote.

Please, spread this on your social circles, we want to win

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Sign that she may be behind the times...
using White-Out on the monitor.

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+Jeni Tennison’s blog has triggered some thoughts which have nothing to do with Semantic Web or HTTPRange-14…

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Learn a new language while you browse the web.

Language Immersion for Chrome switches certain words and phrases from English into a language of your choice. It's an experimental extension that simulates the experience of being immersed in a foreign language. Plus, it's simple and fun.

Download from the Chrome Web Store:
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