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Some of the best family-friendly apps for kids.

Facebook is down right now. lol

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Let's Escape Level 13 and Level 14 Cheats and Walkthrough
Let's Escape app on android released levels 13 and 14 just in time for Valentine's Day. There are two brand new levels added in to the game and both of them are decently challenging. As always, the developer made some clever puzzles and that is quite diffic...

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Only One Iphone, Ipad and Android Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks
Only One is a retro pixel slashing action game for mobile developed by Ernest Szoka. This game is consist of a hero, villains, swords, magic spells and one arena where the slashing action is constantly in progress. Rise above and be the only one left standi...

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Check out my Unroll Me Walkthrough

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Unroll Me Android App Walkthrough, Solutions, Cheats
What I have here are some solutions to Unroll Me app for Android. It's a game developed by turbo chilli in which the objective is to get the ball to its goal by making a path to it. But the challenge is, the path is scrambled in tiles like in a game of slid...

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Best way to beat and cheat Flappy Bird | Phone smashed by angry player
An internet user uploaded a video showing how he beat and cheat Flappy Bird by smashing his Samsung smartphone after successfully getting a score of 4. In his youtube video, he wrote: "With a little patience and a steady hand, anyone can beat Flappy Bird. H...

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Guess the 90's Cheats and Answers
Guess the 90's is a picture and word quiz game for mobile devices particularly Android and iOS. In this app, you are shown a photograph depicting something that is unique from the decade of 1990's. This game does not only bring challenge but also nostalgia ...

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Ninja Hero Cats Cheats: Fish and Pearls!
Ninja Hero Cats is another fun free game on android today. It's a tap and swipe action adventure game from handygames. It's free and it features your favorite animal, cats. While the game is free to install on your device, essential skills in the game can o...

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Clumsy Bird cheats?
Clumsy Bird is another one button side scrolling game on the android and this time it's from candy mobile. It is basically a clone of the hit game, Flappy Bird. Since it's a clone, the gameplay and mechanics are the same of Flappy's. Though it may be a copy...
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