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First episode of Jawntown, created by Nick Wiener and Kirk Howle, is finished and ready to view. Watch it at its official website! 

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Check out my guest spot on The Nerd Lunch Podcast! We talk about failed movie-based action figures of the '80s, and also touch on which ones were successful and what our dream action figure line would be. Very creative discussion with a group of intelligent dudes. 

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New blog update! 

I see this place is still a wasteland. Very well, carry on.

Sending a cold, impersonal, digital hug out there to all you lonely avatars in cyberspace. Cherish it robotically with all of your ones and zeroes.

Well played, Google+. Now, just change your format to Facebook's old format and everyone will jump to you.

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Photodocuments dated 7/22/11 detailing Leopardactyl's recent attempt to lay waste to the Beartaur. +Rollie Hatch

I worked on my profile. IT'S AWESOME!
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