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finally digging in Greece again, hooray!!!

We've been digging for a week and a half now, and not only have we finally reached the bottom of one of the largest cisterns on the Velatouri Hill in Lavriou, we've also uncovered a house built against the cistern in the Late Classical period. Good times!!!

Pictures and drawings will follow soon.

Excavation results of just under 2 hectares so far:
4 Iron Age farmsteads: floor plans fully intact,
1 Roman farmsteads: floor plan fully intact,
1 fortified Roman enclosure: 90m by 90m of palisaded goodness,
1 Roman villa: unique in this area of North-western Europe,
7 Roman cremation graves,
1 Full to Late Medieval farmstead: floor plan 60% intact,
6 wells, of which two are Iron age, three are Roman and one is Medieval.

That should about sum up the highlights...
So apologies for not being very active or present around here. I was (and still am) up to my elbows in history.

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Lecture by yours truly on the finds at Ghent, Waalse Krook:

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Two days in the field and the results so far are not too spectacular, but still interesting:
2 ditches, which were in use during the flooding of the plains around Antwerp during the Dutch War of Independence.

Let's hope our other trenches prove more bountiful.

Two more days of writing and then Once more into the field, dear friends, once more!

It's Friday, hooray!!!
Today will be spent studying the usage of shrouds and late medieval burial practices and trying to get a permit for the next dig.

Not sure how it happened, but my inhumation stratum looks like a Cylon Base Star...

#Cylons #harrismatrix #allalongthewatchtower

Combining 400+ loci in one Harris Matrix!!!

I'm going to need a VERY powerful looking glass, or an enormous printer to study it.

#HarrisMatrix #LikeABoss
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