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2 - Every morning we are born again
“What we do today is what matters most.”  It's what Buddha said and I share His awe-inspiring statements.  We can start over every morning.  We can start over every minute. We have so many chances. Take action NOW!  Forget about yesterday, unless you have t...

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3 - Write your anger
Maybe this should have been the first post from my 7 steps' series, but I didn't want to scare you.  My personal recommendation to you is to write down on a piece of paper all the reasons you are mad. Express your fury with the person/people who made you wr...

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5 - Walk for 10 minutes
Yes, whenever you feel down, go out and walk for  10 minutes;  pay attention to everything you encounter. Look at the flowers, trees, people, animals and so on. See the beauty, observe the emotions, the reactions. If you are a solitary person, as myself, wa...

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Does The Law of Attraction work?
writing the posts about positivity, I realized   I
should have written about The Law of Attraction first. --- Why? Well,
because my series called 7 steps to positivity is based on that, as I
mentioned in my posts. Anyway,
I can' go back and insert thi...

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The Four Agreements = Toltec civilization = Don Miguel Ruiz. <3

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Love at first sight
you believe in love at first sight? Do
you believe it is possible? But
first, what is Love? Love
is that feeling  when you are uncontrollable drawn to a person
and don't know why. You
think about this person all the time. Every
time you see/meet him/her ...

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Schimbarea este posibila
Acesta este un post foarte scurt. Ca o amintire ca suntem umani cu creier si discernamant. Avem alegeri pe care le facem voluntar, altele sunt inconstiente. Adica da, suntem niste inconstienti... . Nu, nu asta vreau sa spun, chiar daca e adevarat. :p Ai int...

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Abstract or Realistic? - Constantin Brancusi
This post was published on LinkedIn, but as not all of my readers are on there, I decided to publish in here too. Who
is Constantin Brancusi?! Well,
if you like modern art, abstract art and sculpture, you have
certainly heard of him. Brancusi is one of the ...

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Dreams do come true
--- What is your dream? --- Do you have one?  I hope you do, because living with no dreams, is not living. Let's just assume that you have a dream. First of all: Is this dream achievable?  Many NLP coaches encourage people do dream big, very big. Maybe Les ...
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