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I don't use Communities or Collections.  I mainly visit the former to decline bot invitations.

However, I ALWAYS use Circles.  Those were what defined Google+ in the beginning.  I consistently use the Circles menu at the top of the page.  The removal of that menu is a frelling nightmare.  It took me an agonizing long time to find the revert link and I dread the update.  Please, please, please, +Google+, keep some form of Circles menu on the same page as the posts.

Google+ posts are not random garbage tweets that get lost in an endless stream.  They are categorized miniature blogs from trusted sources which, when paired with the quick Circles menu, can be read in bulk when playing catch-up.  I do so every week on my PC.
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Andre La Barre

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I've ranted about this before.  This cartoon may have set me off, but my rambling goes past anything it was trying to represent.  Also, I don't play many AAA games anymore so I might be way out of touch.  My apologies.

Breast size in games, the SoulCalibur/Edge franchise in particular, is a trigger for me.  We're talking about a series that began with Sophitia rubbing her muff in her opponent's face in a throw deemed a trip to heaven.  It's a series that continued with upskirt shots and extraneous jiggling.  Frell, it's even had a steady supply of jailbait!  I could accept Tira's ripped costume being offensive when taken in the context of Japan's rape fetish culture.  However, I could never feel the outrage over Ivy  having (gasp) a differently formed body.  Seriously, THAT'S what brought it over the top for people?

If the argument is to have a less sexual fighting game, that's a legitimate industry complaint with a questionable target.  Unfortunately, it always seems to instead come down to how a fetish outweighs respect to a body type.  Add bonus points if a male making the argument claims to like smaller breasts more anyway (as if swapping fetishes fixes anything).

In real life, many women with large breasts get objectified and harassed.  In games, this has been magnified such that the mere presence of a woman with large breasts implies exploitation and a call is made to remove/change her.  If it was any other body type, there would be a call for inclusivity.  Yet, somehow, the "right" to objectify large-breasted women is so deeply ingrained in our culture that strong, large-breasted characters presented in a non-sexual manner are likely out of reach.

...Not that I'd put them in SoulCalibur anyway.  Seriously, that game's made for perving. ;)
The most creative, innovative team on the planet or something whatever...
The most creative, innovative team on the planet or something whatever...
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I probably lean toward SJW having witnessed too much harassment and out of context Twitter collage propaganda to call anyone out.  I'd just like progressive posts to not fall in the same traps they propose avoiding.  Call characters out for behavior.  Call out for more body types.  Just don't apply negative connotations to other body types in the process as it defeats the purpose.
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Andre La Barre

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Here's some screenshots of the procedural shmup I've been working on.  Frankly, it looks much better in action with the scrolling clouds and effects.  However, that will have to wait for a video.  (I tried to make GIFs, but I failed to get nice results from the tools I tried.)  I'd prefer to have the audio included before that happens.  Hopefully at least one of these is good enough for #screenshotsaturday .

Gall of the Thrall is a single stick shooter which allows pivoting when the fire ("Maul") button is released.  Rather than being endless like many procedural shmups I've played, the player is given a choice after every level to turn back.  Once turning back, the player must survive as many levels as they completed before the choice was made.  Losing all lives results in a game over and total score loss.  There are no extends.  The player must gauge their own skill and learn when to turn back.

Each level lasts a mere minute and features overlapping waves of enemies.  When a wave is gone, another of increased difficulty replaces it.  The rate of difficulty increase grows with each level.

To compensate for the unpredictable/overlapping patterns, an enemy's bullets are cancelled when it is destroyed.  Meanwhile, the player has a special weapon, called a Trawl, that shoots outward and, on the return trip, does damage to enemies/bullets.  Activating the Trawl while it is already in play teleports the player to its position.

The player's shape and turrets are procedurally generated.  I've been calling the shape a "special snowflake", but the front of the ship is hard to determine in stills so it might need some tweaking.  Theme-wise, it's probably a gallstone the titular thrall yanked out of their own body and threw in frustration.

Similarly, the enemies are all randomly generated masks with their own mouths and multiple eye holes.  They're supposed to be like the Pall in my previous MeanderGall game, but it's not like anyone will grok the reference.  Some other enemies might be needed for variety, but these seem to be doing the job.
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I like this. :)
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Andre La Barre

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I'm never well off enough to help anyone directly so I have to make do with signing petitions and sharing posts.
Reposting for the later crowd:  as part of the effort to #KeepTressaHome (helping +Tressa Green keep her house if possible) I am offering the following donation incentives of myself :

1) A +Cinematic For The People DVD - signed by as many of the cast and crew as I can wrangle.

2) I will design a cover for you - book, CD, DVD, whatever you want.  I am a once-upon-a-time trained artist and still wheel my skills out upon occasion, and for you I will do so again.

3)  I will lie my ass off to give you the absolute best review or cover blurb you can imagine.  "This book changed my life forever."  "I think listening to this song cured my cancer."  "I was addicted to drugs until I watched their movie.  Now, I'm addicted to drugs AND I've watched their movie."  Hyperbolic exaggerations upon request.

You can see her original post here - - and you can donate through her paypal or the GoFundMe that they set up here -
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Andre La Barre

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+Jacob Brennan (AKA IainPeregrine) is crowdfunding a new version of Casual Quest for PC and smart phone.  The IGG page is a bit bare, but here are some pics from the BYOND forum:

Right now, Mr. Brennan appears to be playing up the diversity of the cast and audience while offering little info on what the game actually is other than "real-time cooperative".  The old Casual Quest was a session-based, top-down brawler sort of like Gauntlet, but with a single screen map and class evolution.  The alpha of the browser version I jumped in ages ago had larger maps.  Other than that, I'm not sure, but there should be a new video demo next week.

The original Casual Quest took first place in a paid game dev competition while my Fused Finale took second.  My broke ass is pretending that's a donation. ;)
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Andre La Barre

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Yesterday I lost my day job. Company had to make some cuts (I'm not the only one who lost his job). Turns out HES was also scheduled to go on a 50% sale yesterday but I forgot about it ... So if you were waiting to get this game now is probably the best time to get it, both because of the price and well, my situation. Any sharing of this is more than welcomed.
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It's possibly a scam, but I got word that my Skype password changed.  I changed it again on the site directly.  (Naturally I didn't click the email.)

I've never used my Skype account and don't even have the software installed anymore.  If there's a call, it's not from me.  I wouldn't care, but I lurk in multiple live streams with call-ins.
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Andre La Barre

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What do all of these bots get from spamming invites to Google+ porn communities?  I can understand posts on their profiles linking to sites they control, but why bother with pictures uploaded here?  Is there some form of steganography to be aware of?
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I don't think they really thought it all out. They just have some budget for "promotion" and they use it for that, because it doesn't cost them much.
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My obsession with legible interfaces used to drive members of the BYOND community nuts.  Now my pitiful programmer art is armed with a small amount of color knowledge and I'm taking on random UIs in comment sections.  Fortunately, the developer of the game showed up in the middle of my general purpose rant so I was able to be more constructive.

Gran Vitreous Steam forum, I'll be coming for you! ;)
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+Andre La Barre Thanks again for the feedback!
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Andre La Barre

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I've hopped into the massive pile of uncurated Steam curators.  I went in order of my profile's review summary so my least helpful reviews are listed first.  You can probably skip my review links until the end.

As for game development, I've been writing and rewriting a procedural development library intended to help me with a multi-genre game.  It has taken me way too long.  Aside from the joys of C# garbage collection, the problem has likely been that I went too generic.  In the end, there's probably a simple, more specific implementation that does the bulk of what I want to do and the rest is best suited for another pattern.
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Andre La Barre

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NEStalgia is the first BYOND game on Steam.  I had nothing to do with it, but it's nifty. =)
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It was on my steam homepage today as a recommendation. Very neat.
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I took the Ghost Rider table back from +In-Game Chat 's Scott with almost double his score.  Before that, I took Mars as well.  I felt pretty cocky taking on a guy who doesn't revisit tables often.

In SS11, Scott made it a goal to smash me and almost doubled my score on Epic Quest.  I struggle with that RPG hybrid table.  On the bright side, I already have a Steam friend with a higher score that's been plaguing me.  I think I have decent equipment for the encounters I'm facing, but my actual pinball skill needs to level up.
Recorded live on January 26 at 10:37am.
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I just took Epic Quest back from Scott, but I missed the highest score on my friends list by a mere 2 million.  ARGH!
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I am ACWraith. When not procrastinating, I create games (or used to).

I used to perform unpaid volunteer work for BYOND (and occasionally still update their Facebook page). Once upon a time, I also handled featured games and wrote the link digests Along The Tech Tree and BYOND and Within.  Both of the latter were revised on my Gamasutra blog with questionable relevance.

I don't join social networks to fret over my privacy.  I likely won't post often enough to spam your stream, but be aware that my outgoing messages will tend to be unfiltered.  File me away in whatever circle you see fit.
  (I do add circle tags should Google ever allow people to subscribe to those instead of people.)

My apologies to those I circle if they get annoyed by notification spam.  I tend to catch up on Google+ posts during the weekend so all of my ratings/replies come in a short time period.
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