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01/06/2014 New Year, New Adventures
hope you guys all had a great New Year's Eve and a good start to your new year!
I went to bed at 10:30 on New Year's and got up at 6:30. Unheard of, huh? Well,
that's just missionary life! It's
been an interesting week. I feel like we're still experiencin...

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12/30/2013 Christmas!
Familia, I
just got to see your faces 5 days ago! What a blessing. We had a really good
Christmas but I'll get back to that. Honestly, it's a little hard to be a
missionary this time of year! People aren't home, or, if they are, they're with
family ...

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Week 1: 08/06/2013 Off to the MTC and first email home!
Sister Sarah Noakes is off on her mission adventure! I, her mom, will be posting here when she sends emails and pictures. We received emails today, August 6, 2013, in which Sarah updated us on life in the MTC and how much she is learning and growing. I'll p...

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Additional Pictures (Mostly from MTC)
Sister Sarah Noakes did some clearing off of her SD card. Here are some additional pictures she sent from her MTC days.

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Email from 12/23/2013 -- Christmas coming soon!!
Haven't gotten any Christmas packages but I'm sure they'll arrive today or
tomorrow. I won't be opening 'em til Christmas morning anyways.
Hahaha.   Oh and about skyping. We're having lunch with a member
family, the Guevaras, on Christmas day around noon...

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Email from December 16, 2013 (very, very late ...)
I had written to Sister Sarah that our ward was getting sister missionaries the next week. Obviously, she thinks that's super awesome!   I'm so excited you're getting SISTERS! Because obviously sisters are the
best. This week was a really good one! Sister ...

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Birthday!! December 9, 2013 email
had a great birthday! And I actually got your birthday package on Monday so I
was DYING all week - but more on that later. This week was really good! It was
time for exchanges with the STLs again. I stayed here in 5th ward with Sister
Jones and, once agai...

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Thanksgiving in Grand Junction!!
Well look at my beautiful family!!!! (In response to a photo of us taken on Thanksgiving.) I'm glad you guys had a good
Thanksgiving, even with all the crazy stuff that happened. I'm sorry to hear
about Uncle Jimmy, but we know where he is and that he is ok...
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