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Added photos to September Self Portrait Challenge: Apocalypse .

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see some of my photos from time to time if you use this extension with chrome!

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Added photos to July Self Portrait Challenge: In Bloom.

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Added photos to Self Portrait Sunday: July 24, 2016.

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Added photos to June Self Portrait Challenge: Big World.

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April Self Portrait Challenge Honorable Mentions

Here are the Honorable Mentions from the April "Imitate Art" Challenge. You can see the Event and all of the submissions here:

The photos attached to this post were considered finalist contenders but were not eligible to win prizes because either they were created by moderators (we play but we aren't eligible to win!) or these photographers have won sometime in the past 6 months or 3 times total already. However, because these photos would go into the Finalists pool otherwise, I wanted them to get recognition, and so these are our Honorable Mentions. Well done! photos are cropped for the purpose of the mosaic - you can view the originals in the event linked above

Here is a list of the creators and their inspirations (left to right, top to bottom, in the mosaic):

+Robin Cohen: Homage to Gustav Klimt
+Shelly MacNeil -Conway: Francesca Woodman - Polka Dots
+Mark Rodriguez: The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David
+Joanna Koziara: The Star by E. Degas:
+Stacy Vitallo: Rose by Dominika Majowicz Mayovich
+Craig Szymanski: Hand with Reflecting Sphere by M. C. Escher
+Piotr Edelman: Saul Steinberg photographed by Evelyn Hofer
+Annie Weibull: Rene Magritte - The Glass House (1939)
+Andrea Martinez: René Magritte's Le Fils de l'Homme:

Stay tuned to see who the fantastic finalists are - we'll announce them soon!!

Thanks to our April prize sponsors, +Think Tank Photo,, & +Capturing Couture! We love their products and services and appreciate their support. :)

* * * * *

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When I look back, I'd like to say
I'm better off on my own
And even though right now, I don't feel strong
One day I will, one day
-joy Williams


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Added photos to April Self Portrait Challenge: Imitate Art.
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