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CEO, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur
CEO, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur
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Investment in media is being looked up as a very viable and profitable alternative investment as compared to other traditional investments. Though film equity investors can be found but they are very rare and the competition for the investment is fierce. But as it is with any other investment, the same principle of profit and risk ratio applies- greater the profit, greater the risk. The maximum return on the investment leaves much to be desired financially. For an investment to be sound, it has to generate profits and that too, a sizeable one. A film needs to be thoroughly prepared, have an attractive script, have an excellent business plan, the right pitch and a knack of bringing out the best in its team.
Udi Droner, Director of Operations, Precise Real Estate solutions, says, " It is imperative that the film makers and financiers analyze the movie investment as they would review any other financial investment". He further elaborates," investment in media is the same as investment in real estate and the benefits of the investment need to be studied well  at every stage, right from the pitching of the location, budget, to the management of the development".

Investment in cinema is treated as unpredictable or as a magic wand delivering unreasonable profits. It is essential to adopt a mature approach to the investment and reign the expectations within limits. Contrary to  common belief film business does have an impressive history of stability like the real estate market. The demand for films never waivers and even when the markets face a financial crisis, film businesses have the ability to churn out profits, albeit lower ones. There are examples of films grossing in huge profits when major investments were hit by global recession. Investment in films have shown great resilience and stability. 

Many venture capitalists like Roy Dekle, CEO and Partner at LAG Entertainment Group, review the investment prospects in the entertainment field and make sound investments. They have recognized the cinemas unparalleled ability to stir up cultural conversations and benefit the community at large. Though it is a profitable investment it is always advisable to pay attention and check whether:
• there are legal disclaimers attached and what they say,
• does it have a well organized business plan,   
• does it give a fair idea of the paucity of investments,
• the contents of the project synopsis are clear,
• the team details are mentioned,
• does it state the hypothetical investment returns,
• does it have a substantial plan detailing the project handling.
These and other necessary details can give one a fair and clear picture of the calculated risk one is about to take. These details also should be kept in mind if one is looking for investors. It is generally the individuals with high net worth and philanthropists who are ready to invest in such projects, looking for connections and referrals through them too can be very helpful. Usually non-profit organizations or communities linked to particular causes find such projects worth investing. Roy Dekel, charity forays, identify the films with subjects and stories that can help in the community building process and betterment of the society, it is such films that are thought worthy of investment according to him. 
The initial investors of the film add the credibility factor for the potential investors. It's very few films like 'The Slum dog millionaire' or 'The King's Speech', which prove that there's big bucks for the private investor in the movie market. Investing with partners or other instruments available in the market can be a good option. Investing in a prestigious production company mitigates the risk without having to do any leg work or production work. This often leads to partnership for next films too, if relationship formed is strong and profitable. Another way of investing in the media is through film funds, a number of which have emerged over the past few years.   
In spite of the inherent risks and steps taken by investors to avoid the worst , many films however promising pre-release may never see the light of the day failing to deliver even reasonable profits. But if a film does flop it does have the potential to break even or show some profit in the overseas market, DVD rentals,  video streaming or in the form of royalties. 
 If the silver screen holds allure for you then it is the best to apply the standard rule which applies to all investments- never invest more than you can afford. 

See below an interesting Blog Written about one of my initiatives.

Roy Dekel is a well known name in the field of real estate, finance, entertainment and marketing industries. He has functioned in many roles like Director of Business Development, President, co-founder and CEO of his portfolio companies. He is also a strong advocate of the Israeli and Jewish community. He is also associated with L.A., an organization helping the cancer-affected people and children. 
Roy Dekel is about to start an internship program to train the youth under his leadership. The agenda of the training includes the following aspects:-
• To have the sufficient risk-taking ability and passion to start an entrepreneurship in the incubator style.
• To share one’s knowledge and experience with others and inspire them follow the same foot-steps. In fact, this is what Roy Dekel is himself planning to do.
• Sharing knowledge related to what makes a business prosper.
• People generally think that business is all about being successful in life and making a lot of money. However, a businessman should also stand for his community and work for the welfare of the same.
• People of the upcoming generations should also be inspired by this ideal.
• Roy Dekel companies were found on this principle only. It helps in the economic growth of the country as well.
• Mind development in the technological and real estate industries is also important.
Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. But, not many of them want to build a strong community or work for the betterment of the society or development of the country’s economy. However, one should understand that becoming rich is not the only thing that one should expect from a business. There are other aspects to it as well. Roy Dekel is a living example of this concept. He wants others to follow his path and hence is giving opportunity of an internship to the youngsters. They will not only learn how to use social media as a tool to promote their business, to show the correct attitude, to succeed in life by loving whatever they are doing and to be humble, but also to work as a community leader.
The young people should consider themselves lucky enough to get this chance and make the maximum out of it. Apart from getting inspired themselves, they should also spread the ideas among others. 

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"Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble"

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What do you think? Some interesting points but at the same time, employees in this type of work environment seem really disengaged. Of course you should do you best to never disrespect your work environment. But at what point to you become "the walking dead" in the sense of just mindlessly following orders? Should you really be expected to be on a 24 hour call schedule? 

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Great read! Check it out if you have time. "as a leader, you should never underestimate the importance of real conversations, in real time, in real rooms, in real offices for both your employees and your business"
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