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Melting Clocks
Twisty tree was demanding I cling to it The sun. The sun. THE SUN.  I feel like I'm coming out of an unconscious hibernation and it's better than good, it's a sunny heaven. Since the day I could walk home from practice and still have the daylight accompanyi...

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The Up Down and All Around
  Ahhh where have I been!?! If I told you, you might not believe me. So much has happened I don't know where to start. With the change of family has come a change of pace. Everyday is something, soccer, dance, tennis, training. I keep busy here in Pamplona ...

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I mean it was Paris <3   Wow I haven't typed to you guys since last year, you're looking great! (Ok done with the cheesy New Year's jokes, for now) I know I've disappeared yet again,  but it's been quite a bit of adventure and next to no blogging time. New ...

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A Tale of Two Cities: Part Two, Madrid
Merry Three-Months-in-Spain everyone! That's right you've been with me through it all so we're celebrating this landmark day in my exchange, lot's of flashbacks to come. Woo hoo break out the balloons, cake and Christmas trees? Holy holly it's Christmas tim...

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A Tale of Two Cities : Part One, Barcelona
I'm sure you have all been wondering "Oh my goodness where is Tanika and her smiles!?" or maybe I'm just giving myself too much credit here. These passed few weeks have been ridiculously filled with adventure and if I get into every story and detail my fing...

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Smile's for smiles. I'm really not that generous of a person. I do things to make other people happy because seeing them smile makes me feel all fuzzy inside (make fun of my cheesy motives as you please). Soooo really I'm just a super selfish person trying ...

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The Fatal Flaws of a Hero's Heart
I never really grew out of my "I want to be Super Woman phase". Before I continue I'd like to mention that my left middle finger is paralyzed due to a fatal accident that I'd say was a run in with a mystical creature, but really it was a more fatal run in w...

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The Lists of Happiness
I was trying to keep this a weekly thing but the adventures and I've been working on a presentation I'll be giving to next week (let you know how that goes!) Now I've doubled my overjoy in one post to make up for the days that I've been away! So if you're i...

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So You Had a Bad Day
I now realize that I have mad a horrible grave mistake in this blog. I have created a world where you all believe that my life is perfect! In this alternate universe I'm no longer a blogger, I'm no longer a human, I'm some fairytale super girl. Though I see...
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