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Adeel “AQ” Quraishe
I plan I play I conquer
I plan I play I conquer

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I am simply beautiful "mashaa ALLAH" & I fall in love with my self multiple times a day !! ;)
With self love & self respect affirmations 

Allhumdulillah for who I am , what I am & what I have today. 
Allhumdulillah for what I not have & what i will have in future.
Allhumdulillah ala kulay haal.

#motivation   #selflove   #selfesteem   #smile  

So has erdogan won the presidential elections?

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Having a relaxing time at the #beach
It feels good to close eyes and listen to the sea.

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Its raining 1+ :)
Jazak ALLAH khair sister +Phoenix Red

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#eid saeed everyone
Taqaballaha minna wa minkum

Eid ul fitr 2018

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Its raining one plus
Jazak ALLAH khair sister +Amly Amaly

Holy quran is going to get completed in many islamic countries today which will be followed by the major dua.
Request every brother and sister to remember the ummah in your worthy prayer

#ramadan #quran #islam

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There are no sects in islam

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Time to #smile
Its sunnah :)
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