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Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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this is one of the biggest test in ramadhan that ALLAH swt is taking from us.......

no water supply
no electricity
temperature has raised upto 47*c

300 people dead in just 2 days of holy month 

inna lilahay wa enna elehay rajioon

may ALLAH swt have mercy on us.........................
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Inna lillah Wa inna illahi rajioon

Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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#China has banned civil servants, students and teachers in its mainly Muslim #Xinjiang region from fasting during Ramadan and ordered restaurants to stay open.
Sadly this oppression against the Muslims in the Xinjiang region has been happening for decades! It's very scary to be witnessing so much global hostility and enmity towards Islam and Muslims.
The simple reasoning behind such cruelty is because Islam stands as a superior intellectual leadership and Muslims are flocking to embrace and call for it. Many Muslims are vehemently rejecting the ideals and values of communism and capitalism, hence are facing the stick approach from government institutions in order that they tow the secular line.
Civil servants, students and teachers prevented from fasting and restaurants ordered to remain open in Xinjiang region.
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+Umm-e- Hurraira  muslims in that particular western region in china are more than the entire population of pakistan & they face much religious hate few months ago main imam of largest masjid was murdered by being stabbed with a knife .

woman are not allowed to cover properly specially headscarfs , people are not allowed to keep fast all food outlets are forced to remain open , men are ban to keep muslim beard, according to constitution of china all religions are free to practice but it is same like india all religions are free to be practiced by due to hindu extremism in power all other religions are looked down at & religious killing has been seen at its  peak , in china communism dominates everything.

for china pakistan is a wall between them & their india & have their economicsatkes in pakistan specially gawader port & high way construction.
currently china is not a place for islam. 

Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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Another hard day came to end :) allhumdulillah .

have to prepare for #ramadhan   , stay blessed everyone.

Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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Fasting hours around the world.....!!!
May Allah accept our Sayaam (fast) Ameen
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let me re-phrase that mom, all pious & halal dreams come true till next ramadhan :) 

ALLAH humma ameen same dua for you .

Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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Allah SWT loves those who control their anger and forgive others
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Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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Today is Jumu'ah (Friday)

Jumu'ah is brightest day of the week in a Muslim's life. So rise and shine and:
• Clean yourself by taking a complete bath (Ghusl)
• Offer your Prayers
• Make Duas
• Recite Drood as much as you can
• Read Surat Kahf
• Change yourself to be a better Muslim

#Darussalam #Friday
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Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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Received an unexpected gift <3 <3 packed box full of dates , i just love to have dates 

may ALLAH azzawajal bless that person.  Tomorrow is 1st #ramadhan  inshaa ALLAH cant wait . 
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+Muhammad Yusuf  date :) that grows on tall trees in desert :)) you know right ?

+Bunda Jana you all are invited here with me but you have to bear the heat temp today it will be 42*c :)

Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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Wa iyyaka brother 

Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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This video does not have woman rights to do job but still it's suffice 

Adeel “AQ” Quraishe

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Time to smile :)
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wa iyyakum sister you too have a blessed sunday ahead
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Well despite of so many bad stuff going around i still love my country & i would gladly die for it. My forefathers gave a sacrifice of 20lac precious lives for the sake of independence :) about me hmmm.... Still loving my country doesn't mean i am nationalistic i am a person with very strange concepts i take every muslim country as a part of my homeland there were no boundaries among us till 1924 :)

I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I don't have a chance to Succeed. I always respect everyone & what i feel is wrong i try to discuss it but as long the discussion stays within the limits of respect & discipline other wise i feel such people are not worthy to talk with :)
not forget to tell you my English aint good I try to learn from my surroundings & i appreciate people from whom i learn something new.

oooooo yes most important of all i am Muslim , :D i guess now my image must have been changed in you mind .
well it's ok for me , i don't mean to offend any one.

Energetic, Positive, Confident, Workaholic, realistic, creative