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6 PEOPLE PLAN HOW YOU THINK: You really think what you see on TV is unbiased and has no agenda: Who really owns the Media?

#controller   #media   #deception  
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who owns the medıa controls the masses dısney are jews

Adeel Quraishe

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Adeel Quraishe

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<b>Kevin Barrett</b> says the hunt for Malaysia airliner peddled to mainstream media is clearly a charade.

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Albert Einstein's letter to Shepard Rifkin on Israeli Terrorists:
One of the best minds in history, a great physicists and a Jew himself, Albert Einstein criticized the creation of Israel by Zionist terrorists and called it a possible reason for future catastrophe for Jews. Many Jews who believed in Orthodox Judaism also oppose the state of Israel and consider Zionism as anti-Semitic. Below is the letter by Einstein to Shepard Rifkin on Israeli Terrorists.


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Travelling , meeting , discussions, approvals , production planning , re-inspections , corrective actions................Another hard day has come to an end.

 I feel exhausted :)

Going to sleep now , Have to be fresh for another busy tomorrow.


Good Night every one...........zzzzzzzz :)
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                                     Do you know

7- If Islam opposes idol worship, why do Muslims pray to a square structure (the black box)?

The simple cube shaped stone building located in Makkah is called the Ka’bah or the sacred House. It is the point towards which the muslims face while pray. Although Muslims face the direction of Ka’bah during prayer, they do not worship it. Muslims worship & pray only to God. The Ka’bah was built by the prophet Abraham PBUH & his son prophet Ishmael PBUH in response to God’s command over 4000 years ago. Abraham PBUH consecrated the House for the worship of the one true God & invited all of humanity to visit it for that purpose. Even today Muslims who are physically & financially able are required to make a pilgrimage to it once in a life time. The Ka’bah has remained at the center of a continuous tradition of worship & devotion up to the present day , symbolic of permanence , constancy & renewal.
There were periods in history during which mankind deviated from the monotheism taught by God’s prophets. Before the advent of Muhammad PBUH , religion among the Arabs had degenerated into polytheism & paganism & Makkah was completely submerged in idolatry. Some 360 idols had been placed in & around the Ka’bah to be worshipped there along with God. Prophet Muhammad PBUH sent to restore to mankind the pure monotheism taught by all the messengers of God & reinstate the worship of Him alone. This he accomplished, & the Ka’bah was finally cleared of all manmade deities. Among the ancient religious rites particular to the Ka’bah is walking around it. This suggests the integrating & unifying power of monotheism in human life & how a Muslim’s existence should revolve around a pure devotion of God. The Ka’bah symbolizes the unity of all true religions, the brother hood of all the prophets, & the essentials consistency of their message. When Muslims pray facing toward this single center point they are reminded of their common purpose & long term goal. Even when standing directly before the Ka’bah in prayer, one is not looking at it but rather at the ground before him. The spiritual focus is on God alone & never upon any created object.
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& I have to ask how many times you have discussed your quires with some practicing muslimah ?

Adeel Quraishe

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jazakallah khair hope you will find it interesting
Al-Aqsa Mosque | More pictures of the brutal Israeli attack on Muslim in and around Al-Aqsa Mosque this morning 16/4/2014.

photo: +mahfouz abu turk 

#Jerusalem #Al-Aqsa #Aqsa #الأقصى #القدس #بيت_المقدس #Kudüs #Mescid-i_Aksa
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Al-Aqsa Mosque | Video Coverage of +Al Jazeera Channel - قناة الجزيرة الفضائية  of the brutal Israeli attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque this morning 16/4/2014.  Israeli Jewish extremist entered the Mosque under the protection of Israeli Occupation forces.  Soldiers raid al-Aqsa Mosque compound this morning firing tear-gas and other weapons against Muslims in the Mosque.    

قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي تقتحم باحات الأقصى

#Jerusalem #Al-Aqsa #Aqsa #الأقصى #القدس #بيت_المقدس #Kudüs #Mescid-i_Aksa
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Well despite of so many bad stuff going around i still love my country & i would gladly die for it. My forefathers gave a sacrifice of 20lac precious lives for the sake of independence :) about me hmmm.... Still loving my country doesn't mean i am nationalistic i am a person with very strange concepts i take every muslim country as a part of my homeland there were no boundaries among us till 1924 :)

I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I don't have a chance to Succeed. I always respect everyone & what i feel is wrong i try to discuss it but as long the discussion stays within the limits of respect & discipline other wise i feel such people are not worthy to talk with :)
not forget to tell you my English aint good I try to learn from my surroundings & i appreciate people from whom i learn something new.

oooooo yes most important of all i am Muslim , :D i guess now my image must have been changed in you mind .
well it's ok for me , i don't mean to offend any one.

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