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Another Depression Story
Simplicity Church Parking Lot Kitchen Emotional Midget Graves Hope Treatment Chronic Rigid Jesus' Feet I Am a Sign Summer Prayer I've also written about a bout of depression from my early twenties. You can find that here: My Depression Story

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I rubbed his back as my two-year-old emptied his stomach
into the bucket, trying to figure out what might have prompted this 2 am
interaction between us. In my foggy middle of the night brain, I tried to sift through which meals we ate together, what he mig...

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Summer Prayer
It was the last Sunday night of the summer. We had two cars parked at my parents' house for Sunday dinner because Danilo had gotten called in to the hospital during church and met us there later. Little girl rode home with her dad and little boy rode home w...

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I Am a Sign
The treatment process is so delicate and everyone is different. It requires patience that you may not feel you possess. I know. The first medication you're prescribed may not be the one you stick with. Some people come back from therapy with really negative...

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Jesus' Feet
The despair that comes from sin and the despair that comes from depression are two different things. Coming to that understanding, combined with treatment (in my case, medication and therapy) have made it possible for me to finally feel like I am not being ...

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5:40. Alarm goes off. I slip out of bed and onto my knees for a morning prayer. I exercise for 45 minutes. I come back. I help my husband get ready and off to work. I help my daughter get ready for school. I am so tempted to find out if that email I was exp...

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I'd had a lot of respect for my doctor since our very first visit. I
was grateful to be sitting here with someone I felt I could trust. "From
your mental health assessment, I've determined you are moderately to severely
depressed," she explained. Just si...

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 Going to visit my father-in-law's grave is a special thing we do. My husband's mother and sisters meet us at our house and it's nearly an hour's drive from there. We get better and better at finding his gravestone every time. We've learned to recognize tha...

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Emotional Midget
My mom has this cousin named Dan. Before we go any further, I need you to know that I belong to the type of family where you know your mom's cousins quite well. They are like bonus aunts and uncles and their kids are bonus cousins. And when you're little, t...

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It had something to do with dinner the next day. A minor argument concerning something like what time the family was coming over to eat. The type of discussion couples should be able to toss back and forth with ease. Ease was not a concept I comprehended th...
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