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The largest citizens' European media. Europeans creating a more united and democratic Europe together!
The largest citizens' European media. Europeans creating a more united and democratic Europe together!


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Terrorist attacks in Europe have affected tourism in the short-term, but the industry appears to have recovered in some areas and has shifted its attention towards more low-key destinations, with lower risks of an attack.

Have you changed your plans for the summer? Where have you travelled and how was your experience?

Have we remained united through tourism?
Share your opinion with us and check out our Storify piece on the subject.

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A short insight on a complex story with our Storify piece.
After Brexit, unity may seem to have lost its sense for EU but a reconfiguration of our community is on its way. It is up to us what the result will be.
Share your view and feelings with us.

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Why taxes and financial measures cannot bring the money back to creditors

+Thanos Vasilopoulos analyses the dramatic measures taken by governments to repay loans in haste, which often lead to long term issues in the real economy of the affected countries:

"with the passage of time and the continuation of the crisis, the repayment of these excessive loans became more difficult than ever. This leads the lenders (e.g. The European Central Bank,  The International Monetary Fund and etc.) to demand more and more financial reforms, with the intention of making sure that they will get back the money they lent, without taking into consideration that the countries real economies will sink."

Read the whole article here:

#EuropeanUnion   #Eurocrisis #Austerity #Taxation #GovernmentGrossDepth #Europe #Greece #Spain #Portugal #Europeans #Solidarity

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Nuit Debout : an overview of the French movement

A new civic movement in #France  has started spreading throughout #Europe .

+Maeva Chargros gives an excellent overview of the most recent developments and the factors which triggered the movement.

"Nuit Debout was created on the grounds of the failed #COP21 ‬, the emergency measures taken after the terrorist attacks (November 13) as well as the attempt to add the loss of #citizenship  as part of the Constitution."

Read the article here:

#NuitDeboit   #CodeduTravail   #LaborLaws   #CivilSociety   #Europeans   +NuitDebout Toulon +Nuit Debout Lille +Nuit Debout in Athens  +Nuit Debout BXL 

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On the 13 of April the next three candidates to the position of UN-Secretary General will take part to informal dialogues. They are: Dr. Danilo Türk from Slovenia, Dr. Vesna Pusić from Croatia and Ms. Natalia Gherman from the Republic of Moldova. Get to know them in our Storify piece:

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The UN is looking for its next Secretary-General and there are 8 candidates for the job.

In the next three days there will be informal dialogues with all of them.

Today, Igor Lukšić, Irina Bokova and António Guterres will be interviewed. 

Get to know them better by accessing our Storify piece on the subject:

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Will Greece be 'kicked out' of Schengen?

Some EU member states are not satisfied by the way in which Greece has managed the large influx of refugees and call for a better control on EU borders. Moreover, Greece has been threatened with exclusion from the Schengen area and has been given 6 weeks to take control over the situation. 

While some see this as a rightful measure to take in the light of recent events, others see it as more pressure being put on Greece and as an attack to core EU values. 
 What do you think?

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Happy New Year!

Dear friends,
thank you very much for being with us this year! Let's continue rocking in 2016!
OneEurope wishes you a lot of positive emotions, smiles, success, love and happiness in the coming year!
And of course, have a smashing party tonight!

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The Cyprus Issue; a matter of schedule or a matter of understanding the history and going further?

Leonidas Asimakopoulos analyses the latest negotiations in #Cyprus ‬, as well as the challenges ahead and the new opportunities.

"Nicos #Anastasiades  and Mustafa #Akinci  have started a round of intensive talks and all outstanding aspects of the problem will be on the table. The property issue and the effort to define criteria for restitution, compensation and exchange of properties was discussed at the first meeting on November 2, as well as on November 5."

Read the article here:

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Air Travel in Europe

Why only airports from Western #Europe?
Five of them represent capitals. Is there an important reason to be more used than the others?
Is there any impact on the economy?

Discover other infographics at
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