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Two of my games - "On Mighty Thews" and "Nod" - are in the "Swords and Sorcerers" Bundle of Holding, along with a bunch of other great games. You should check it out!
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Just ran a game of OD&D using "Roll20", a virtual tabletop system. It was my first time using the site, and I have to say I was really impressed. Pretty intuitive controls, lots of features, and supportive of a lot of different play styles.

I basically used it as a chat client plus a place to show pre-drawn maps and to draw new maps as required. It worked well for that. It's a little fiddly at times, switching between tools and drawing stuff on the right "layer", but overall I was very impressed. It would reward more preparation well, too.

On the whole though, I find online play vastly inferior to face-to-face interaction. It was exhausting and I found myself skipping details and nuance in favour of clearer and simpler communication. It was hard not being able to direct conversation to one player, or to easily judge reactions.

I was running an adventure I wrote, called "The Idea From Space", which worked very well indeed. The shaved nude giants were a hit!
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