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Today the Government has announced 'emergency' legislation on Data Retention. They claim they urgently need ISPs to keep records of your phone calls, texts, and Internet browsing history. With hardly any scrutiny from Parliament or civil society, they are presenting a new law to Parliament on Monday.

But this is not the time for emergency law.

 This legislation is being pushed through in a day. Emergency laws are not for crucial decisions about our fundamental rights. What is urgent is making sure that democracy functions properly.

Tell your MP to stop this dangerous legislation and ask for a proper debate:
The Government announced legislation this morning forcing Internet Service Providers and phone networks to carry out blanket retention of your phone calls, your texts, and your Internet browsing history. The plans have the support of the frontbenches of the three largest parties.
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From the BBC:  "Whitehall civil servants think that e-cigarettes are one of the most significant public health success stories of our generation."
"Call me an intellectual snob, but I thought the sort of lessons the police needed to learn was stuff like good investigative skills; exercise and diet and the fucking law."

"Meanwhile, the sort of stuff I would EXPECT THEM TO ALREADY KNOW would be stuff like: not to run with scissors; to remove your trousers before taking a shit; don’t eat crayons, and most importantly of all, ogling pornography is not part of a custody sergeant’s job."

#whitewash   #surprise   #nolessonslearned  
  I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but I couldn't resist stirring the pot. Especially on hearing the words "cops, porn and Facebook" coupled with "death in custody and IPCC." Ba...

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Tastes just like....errr?
Ummm... Wut?
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Dear BT, if things continue, in the manner to which you believe I should become accustomed, you will be replaced by Gigaclear.

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"Almost everything in the NSA cache is haystack, in other words, with just a few needles. And the hay is deliberately collected and retained, even though it consists of things like love notes, baby pictures, medical records, and other intimate data belonging to people who are under no suspicion at all."
A huge cache of NSA surveillance data found that for every person of suspicion whose communications are caught in the spy-net, nine more people who are not suspected of any wrongdoing are also surveilled. Many of these innocents are Americans, whom the NSA is legally prohibited from spying upon. Cory Doctorow looks at what the NSA means when it says "targeted."
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The key points raised in our briefing are:

There is an important distinction to be made between eCall and the Event Data Recorders (EDRs). Whilst the eCall system may not record the location of the car constantly, the EDR does have that capability.There are concerns that the EDRs ability to gather extensive data can and will be misused as:

-the data could be accessed by hackers to track individuals’ companies can use this to promote personalised insurance quotes by recording how individuals drive.

-police forces have already been using eCall systems to track suspicious motorists.

-The installation of the EDR will be mandatory, a move that goes against British principles of liberty and freedom of choice.

-The eCall system is not cost efficient nor will it have a significant impact on safety in the UK.
Concerns have been raised in recent weeks regarding the European Commission’s plans for all new cars to be installed with event data recorders in order to enable the eCall system.We have produced a briefing note to explain the background of the policy, the concerns that have been raised and the other potential uses for event data recorders once they have been installed. The key points raised in our briefing are: There is an important distinction ...

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"It is interesting to note that this rule specifically avoids fingerprinting users believed to be located in Five Eyes countries, while other rules make no such distinction. For instance, the following fingerprint targets users visiting the Tails and Linux Journal websites, or performing certain web searches related to Tails, and makes no distinction about the country of the user."

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"He tried to hide in a pond. To be fair, it is a lot easier to break into a pond if you're in a hurry, though I'm still surprised this guy managed it, but it's just not practical to hide in one for any length of time."

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There were huge pro-Democracy protests in Hong...
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