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Madeleine Huish
Yogi, Tantric and Explorer of Consciousness
Yogi, Tantric and Explorer of Consciousness


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Personal Update March 2017
Well…   It has been some time since I’ve written.   A year?   Why now? Who is this for?   I suppose the answer to the first question is: ‘because I
felt like it and something kept gnawing at me to…’   The answer to the 2 nd question is: ‘This update is
for ...

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Powerful Women of the Yoga Vasistha
“In the body of Kalaratri were
found night and day, creation and dissolution, purity and impurity. Though all
the gods were tumbled by her dance, they were apparently steady because of the
steadiness of her infinite consciousness. In her consciousness there...

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Endings and Beginnings
We hear it often said that when one door closes, another
door opens. I suppose it’s finally time to write again. It’s been so
long. There have been many times over the past year when I’ve tried to write
and then just ended up discarding page after page. I s...

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Personal Update
"And the day came when the risk to
remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”             Anais Nin In an effort to overcome depression
and to help better work with my gender dysphoria, I am changing my name to
Madeleine Rose ...

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Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga
I wanted to blog a bit more today about the meaning and practice of yoga from the perspective of hatha and raja yoga. Have some patience. The theory developed in the first part will pay off in a deeper understanding of the practical application in the secon...

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How Nadi Yoga Came About Part 1
Some folks have asked me recently about the background of the Nadi Yoga. Sometimes it takes awhile to really explain in words what it is and how it came about. I thought I would just start at the beginning. Well, with my yoga beginning... I never really sta...

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I believe in Magic. Not the parlor trick kind of magic but real Magic. The kind of magic that shapes Reality. Causes Reality to open doorways before your very eyes. Its there whether we see it or not. Whether we choose to believe or not. We are Creators. Th...

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Some Reflections on the Last Year
write mostly because I like writing. Nevertheless with another personal update
there is a part of me that hesitates. Revealing processes, thoughts, feelings
to the world at large can be both an act of vulnerability and freedom, and on the flip...

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The Field
In the last post on meditation, I talked a little bit about an analogy of a field of clay and potential shapes that arise within that field. This analogy can be understood as a finger pointing to the very field of awareness that is us. The elaborate world t...

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Yogic Meditation, Samprajnata, Asamprajnata, Shape, and Substance
The yogic process of meditation as discussed by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras can very simply be understood as a progressive shift of attention through different layers of awareness. Whether there is a "goal" in mind with this is up to the individual. The "r...
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