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egggjjjaaaacccttttllllyyyy...!! :P:P
stop talking about me hahahah
A jealous SO will go means the FBI cant or wont. Plus, they have access to info that law enforcement doesn't.
Yea, If She Hires The Cheaters Experts On TV. Probable The Woman Will Have Success On The Investigation.
if your teacher actually realizes this is true, then you have a good teacher.
No don't agree!!
Everyone is FBI in same way.

kh yang
I know... even with no team and walkie talkies....

Please like this comment!! \(^o^)/
Having a jealous and pissed off woman is a bad combination thats for sure
oooh.....what a perfect sentense...
and they sure judge you swiftly and will carry-on the sentence faster than you can depend your side.
My personally experience & I think defiantly sure, that the both Man & Women even every human has a same nature of investigation just like “FBI” & I’m sure that 99% of Man were not agree with my statement…There is lot-n-lot of examples which I’m unable to write but I must say simply that if Man OR Women were disagree on any matter, OR disturb on any matter, Or attitude problem, body language, Or doing any kind of strange thing which they never had before (THEN YOU WILL KNOW THAT WHO IS THE RIGHT INVESTIGATER)…may be not in front of face BUT inside of every human has a same quality to know what exactly going on their???
Note: Please don’t take it personally…
absolutely correct....hahahahahaha
when passion exceeds vocation...
yeah! it should be both gender, lol!
men don't do research .... he either confronts her.. or sits and drinks.....
soooooooooooooooooooo truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
true true true
there is no words
Jealousy, instinct, or just because we love? only if i'm giving reason to join the rest on the committee, i mean admit-able women
i've don't know....never been lucky enough to make a woman jealous
Мотивация сильнее ...
hahahahah....very keep away ur gilz from mobiles and fb...
naa, jealous person can never do better research as they're biased!
she is definite to clue and more accurate.
Lisa L
That's right :))))
can't say, jealous women might do such type of research based in her slow burning jealously of the other person, FBI has to do due to their professions.
feel sorry for jealous women.
hey jealous women can never do anything.....remember guys.
Err, Incorrect...
We sit there and plan everyones death.
Now you're talking. Just wonder what happened to trust when two partners got heavily involved?
hah hahah hahahah..............
Its not true ..........
what if the jealous women works for the FBI
its called Curiosity! and to prove that we are not paranoid that our instincts are correct...
Its really true..................hahahaha
so true what days for the fbi takes only minutes for her but it all depends on the type of woman she is
A determined man can hide secrets better than the CIA
110%true... and i hate that type of bitch women's
In Soviet Russia that's how we train our spies.
No ones gonna argue with that!!!!
LoL! Never underestimate a girl's power to find things out!
that's cuz chicks go crazy and dig deep
It comes natural for women to know things you think we dont know...Intuition LOL
The FBI isn't exactly that good at finding things out....
And what abt me.itna kuch kya tere lye yaar so sad.dunya boht ihsan framosh hy
If those jealous women join the FBI, then we are all fu**ed! 
Then, FBI should hire Jealous woman
yes..i am sure i agree..hahahahah..
handling jelous person,never mind women is nightmare,they just want to crush you.
she have not any idea only make tension without any reason
thats true infact every women can do the postmortem of anything WOMENS ARE EXPERT FOR THIS!!!!!!!
Its ok, it was overly serious "tongue in cheek" as they say here in the US :-)
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