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The president is very expressive with each & every feelings ...
Putin is not human...he's a cyborg! lol
that's the French President Sarkozy at the bottom.
Walt B.
On "Disappointed"the Prez looks like hes takin a page out of Leonard Washington's(Dave Chapelle)handbook
stop saying to "like" something on G+ where we +1 things!
Why was Sarkozy cut off ? ( And who's the guy on top, above Putin ? )
There isn't a like button.. Ohhhh wait, that's Facebook. Should probably +1 if you like it o_O
In Russia, emotions express you!
Is that Nicolas Sarkozy the president of France at the bottom?
Seems Sarkozy shows all his emotions through forehead.
Nevertheless, Putin = Manmohan Singh - (minus) Black Belt, Pilot, Special Ops.
+Jussi Hynynen -I think it is Sarkozy. Only the top of the head is visible. Pity, as his clownish facial expressions can be quite entertaining!
Just an FYI "Funny or Die", there is no "Like" button on G+.
I've always thought Putin was an Alien who just learnt one expression, looking blank. I rest my case...
I can only say, that in Russia its mostly "COLD".....
So, I guess I made my statement clear enough.
Oh yeah, ... funny.
I wouldn't want to play poker with the 2nd guy lol
Americans are thinking loud, Russians are not thinking loud...
Yeah, he should be in Hollywood making movies rather than in the White House.
Emotions play important role on human expressions!!!!! Quite Realistic
bad dissopointed obama you shoudnt have been elected
Putin and Sarcozi are aawesome. Bam Bam amabo Obama is such a loser... no poker face!
Bit like a stand in model, bet he practices in the mirror!
who is the third one?
Ali S
this is great simple of how you can control on your emotions and avoid the mebaresments
Putin is so awesome, I bet all Bam Bam's expressions are while sitting staring at Putin:)! Sarkozi is jumping up to look... like a little mongrel dog lols... Sarcozi is awesome.
I worry that it seems that there are quite a few people here who have no idea who some of the most powerful people in the world are.
The reason Putin and Sarcozi show little emotion is a shortage of working neurons.
Putin's expression is best even if it is difficult!!!
Do you ever watch Jay Leno walking around NYC asking "the man on the street" (often a woman) simple questions like, "Who is the President right now?" And it is incredible the weird answers he gets from people who apparently do not know basic information. It is funny up to a point!
Chuck Norris beats Putin at Poker
does anyone else not like obama at all or is it just me
i like obama.. nice man
lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's What's called Poker Face hahahaaaaaaaaaaa.
Thats funny so is my youtube video
oh kolllaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm payankaram tannnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Lollll,,,,so is our manmohan singh,,,
Dnt knw y sum gals set katrina as dp,,,,monika
You have to love the Russians, full of emotions :)
+Trizar Rizqiawan
He never left the stand... he just put on another "Face" for the people to think things have changed. Its all politicians poker. He always pulled the strings.... if not him directly, then someone else did it for him.
But I'm not Russian, so I don't really care.
Well ,still OBAMA,is my favorit.hahaha.where the hell is Sarkozy?!!!!
yea.. a KGB agent/s training that doesn't betray emotions!
I was going to share this, but the cut-off Sarkozy at the bottom kind of ruins it...
the cut-off is awesome :D
Sarkozy is sooo small :]
Cut-off? Those pictures at the bottom actually show what you can see of Sarkozy's faces responding to the same emotions from the same spectator point of view.
Lin Lin
it is understood but does he always wear the same clothing........itmust be fake pictures
i think........silvio berlusconi is at the bottom.
kkkkkkkkk. Putin is a strong character, or he lives a lie!
LOL I love it when people don't get the joke. Bottom is Sarkozy and he is so short.
Why has Sarkozy's lower face and shoulders been cut off? Come on, we've gotta see him too.
you cant differentiate the seven moments for the second person
leave obama n putin, see third row...........
"sar-khojo" ji lol:)
Putin is kinda like Kimi Raikkonen :D
"My president is black and my Lambo is blue" haha, thats MAD funny
obama looks just like a human being. putin on the other hand was sent from the future to annihilate human race
so like, sarcozys moods are depicted in his height...LOL, classic...ha ha if he seems taller, he's damn happy
I like putin more, he is looking at you like: "As if you can see through me".
LOL! The advantage of being a former KGB spy.
Once KGB, always KGB. Vladmir can't change anything about himself. They say you can teach an old dog new tricks, but he is a dinosaur not a dog. Continuity of power was engineered into the Russian Federation Constitution, just the way the Kremlin likes it. They operate under the guise of democracy but are backsliding into centralized totalitarianism. He's the devil incarnate and trouble's brewing. Mark my words.
say this much for Putin...he''s nothing if not consistent..or was that
Does it express Putin is a tough guy?
It reflects I think exactly what you intended!
more proof of the ignorance and racism in western culture. putin is a very intelligent man who has brought russia much more prosperity and removed much more corruption than obama could dream of doing here. people scoff at what they don't understand.
black people would have the emotions
caues were real
Lol, but this is G+ not FB!!!
Should be "+1 if you agree"
you can't see sarkozy because he is a fucking midget. it's part of the humor, people, jaja.
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the bottom one is french president. It is joke (height)
Poor Sarkozy ahahah
The happy one is the best, jumping up and down
lol... n who is at d bottom????
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