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Crazy Boy Playing like a Real Situation.....
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Way 2 over professional ....
Yeah, i think he fail military / army enrollment interview & now stress out like shit ..........
That nutty bastard is pretty good.
would like to see him up it a little bit more with the props, perhaps full fatigues next time, a helmet, camouflage face paint, covered in hay. The PTSD will come in due time.
maybe really how you play those games... no wonder I get muscle pains when I play those kind of games
way to go game companies, let's make it as real as possible, ya let's teach them how to steal, rob, kill.... isn't there enough violence out there already?
Way to jump on the violent videogame band wagon lady.
Yep, i think its in the Philippines.
if he was actually there he'd probably get shot
Miha B
He's having so much fun :)
shut up mark jus cuz ur white boi
wow he taking that to a whole nother level
great acting, except for the fact that its for a game but nonetheless...
lol hes trying really hard to get the high score lol
IF I LOSE THIS GAME IT WILL BE THE END OF ALL OF US!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! if u know what or who that's from i'll add u in a circle.
or may b total lives with moomy in the garage "I'm still looking for a job!" syndrome
Iris B
haha stupid
Becca E
omg he iz stupid!
Becca E
omg this guy is a weirdo!!!!!!!!!!
i still cant stop looking at that picture lmao
B Long
Forever Alone. LOL
I love that he's wearing gloves!!!
really and check out the camo
oho wow..its cool because he didn't missed the target but..take it easy man..haha
lol too much vid games he got sucked into it!
looks like a guy i know... gnna ask him JIC
Quick, someone, pull the plug before everyone in the arcade catches the noob disease!
thats fucking amazing, i wish i could movie that fast
That's funny. I remember playing a boxing game like that. Turns out its more fun and I actually beat the game. although I did get a lot of stares but I didn't care. we pay money to play these games so make it count.
can never fail to burn some calories,
very funny!! lol....
oh my goodness
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