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+++++ Do You Agree...?
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once again. no funny stuff. just motivational stuff.
but i agree.
yes, but can I have someone carry me up a few lights
Well crap. At least it isn't a rope climb.
This is like if you are in a burning building. You can't take the elevator because it's on fire, so you have to take the stairs. But if you don't hurry up, the doorway to the stairs will burn...
Just in the mind : like a parachute; it functions only when open...
taking it all the way to the top !
What's stopping you ?
WoW, it's Stairway to Heaven on Oahu, Hi :) Actually you can just climb the mountain, you dont need to use stairs ;)
I'd change the quote. "You think it's hard to walk them, think about the guys who put them there in the first place!"
I would definetly get a good work out!!! <3
agree.............................fully agree
Can't agree.

You know, the 'elevators' are the PEOPLE who can put you in those CRITICAL positions, haha.
stairs is too long we need short cuts in life don't we!!!!!!
nice way to reduce weight
1473, 1474, 1475, 1476.........Keep Pushing...Gotta Keep Pushing.......1477
beautiful a agree what its a long way i cant suffer................
beautiful picture of the reality. there are no shortcuts to true sucess despite the 'entitlement' propaganda some believe. You must work hard to have true value, even for what is inherited.
good quote keep post
ya its big true without of hard work we cant get the beautiful life i agree with u..........
the life is just like stairs we have to gone step by step...
i like it ......................
Yeah no short cuts to success, i heard that a million times. But who knew the stairs were so long?
it is challenging ... but so true...
So true there is no shortcut to success...
of course there is a shortcut sometimes !!
when you inherit couple of millions to start a new business
absolutely "shortcut" :)
success is not always vertical ! Some horizontal achievements are also considered success it all depends on perspective, however vertical or horizontal there is no shortcut.
These look very similar to the Haiku Stairs of Oahu. Would love to know if this shot was taken from there.
thats tru but their is some diferent ways to get that point first
no-way wanna do them stairs after few beers
what about those people who is ready at the other side of bridge
I would if i had to but i love dangerous stuff like that so yeh
sometimes in life, when it seems like you're going down... you are actually taking steps upwards.
No, where you will end depends only on where you will start.
i can't...i have rheumatism! hahahahahahahahahahaha
I love it! That is what adds to life's adventure! Not only extreme danger, but also the possibility of spending hard time in jail in Oahu (it is still illegal to scale the Haiku Stairs, as far as I know.) Lovely legal alt in Hawaii Kai is Koko Crater = 1.2 miles in 1200 ft straight up!
It is actually .6 up then down. sorry for the misrep...
When success starts, the elevator as well as escalators also come in. Only you have to find ways and means.
yes i agree.. or call emergency .. say that ur leg is injured, they ll send a helicopter
Success is not being dependent on either.
"Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in
building any successful venture."...........
If I decide to build an elevator, then there would be an elevator!
lmao @ Hellen - still it's a nice pic!
awww thats true any one here jo mere sath frndship kre i am new here
some time you would be unrest
do not mind just take the stairs . . .
I always take the stairs. Where's my success already?
exactly you are right and true fact

Who says I have to move to have "success"? And Who say by what means I should use to get there!
No, there is an elevator. Only the 1% knows where it is.
+++++++++++++++++++ Do hard work then give a sucesses
I am brave and strong and I can walk
+Eduardo Bautista "Earn more money" just means they hoard stuff that should be out in circulation and being used. In what way does it help humanity that 0.01% have an obscene resource overabundance and 99.9% of us are anywhere from valued house slaves (ie, normal wage slave workers) to real slave slaves (tied up and working with no hope of ever escaping)? Society is built on insane ideas like "wealth" when in reality we're an advanced species that could provide very very nice lives for all 7 billion humans - instead of like in this failed system we use now, where 1 billion literally are starving as we speak because they lack purchasing power.
This is making me tired just looking at it!
It would be more correct if there was no hand railing...
There are always some people can get success without doing anything, when you take the stairs for them.
The path to success has safety rails?
I don't agree with this, because it's only partialy true. Some people take the elevator other have to use the stairs.
that looks cool to walk
If the success will be like those stairs that showing in the picture. I would be very successive for sure.
Imagine this trail before the stairs were built.
great, so danger but its short road to the success.
Unless you have rich parents. Then you can take the elevator with your butler.
i agree but thats alotttt of stairs...
that is totally true. one step at a time
whoa i agree but, you can't fall on an elevator.
yayayayayayayay.....................all way to these stairs
thats kooooool! and the pic is even kooler!
That is so true, you sure do have to work towrads it...
inner meaning understood because i agree its, by heart and soul
one of my teachers has a poster that says "the elevator to success is out of order you have to take the stairs, one step at a time"
Mitt Romney’s cars have an elevator to success.
I knew of some cemetary steps, simular to this as a kid, wow.
Leo Sam
there is an elevator to success, but you need to find the key to open it.
I made a mistake. I thought hard work alone would do it!!! I took the stairs - that's for sure. (A person needs a soft heart and a smart head to make it all the way up to their full potential) Education=Power of choice in how we live. I know that now...
JD :)
that over a million stairs
that's a lot of stairs so i guess it's a long way to success!
is there a roller coaster to success I could take?
What about escalators? So those lead to succsess?
And don't forget a bottle of water to keep ya hydrated
^ this guy has very poor english skills
Ya I agree with that ... and we cant climb the ladder of success with our hands tied ...
some people say im going to get to the top but when they r faced with the challege of getting there they give up and others sa the same thing but when faced with the challenge they start climbing out of all those people some make it to the top and some get half way through and quit.
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